Monthly Archives: June 2011


Well, I know its been a while since I have been on here. Ive had alot going on. I wont say much. I finally got a job again and now im having to take my pain meds more often than normal. For those of you that dont know, I has Chronic Pancreatitis. I havent said anything to my wife about me hurting more than normal because I know she will want me to stop working but right now we cant afford that. Aside from the pain, i think alot of my problem is being depressed. I cant help but thinking “What If”. Like what if im not so lucky the next time? like I was the first time. That is my main worry. Im just afraid that if I push myself too hard itll happen again. BUT I cant help but to push myself. I just want to prove that I can do it. BUT the truth is that I dunno if I can do it. I just dunno anymore.


Welcome to Daddyplace Blogs – Where Dads Blog!

Hey all!   This is the new Blog site at Daddyplace!    For now, only daddyplace members will know about this.  If your a member, please feel free to post a blog and try it out.

We will be working on this and getting the look and feel of daddyplace on here.    Hope you all enjoy and blog as much as you can!  :)