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Spanking? Right or Wrong?

As a dad, I have always heard there are parents that spank their kids and there are parents that don’t.  Both sides think they are right and that the other is bad.

I am so curious what other dads think.  I hope to get alot of comments on this just to see how many do and how many don’t.  As a child, my parents did spank me and I do believe that it helped me learn right from wrong (and no I didn’t think that at the time I was young. LOL).

As a dad, I have spanked my kids, but only when it was last resort.  I have 3 great kids and they do know right from wrong, for the most part, but as a kid it is a learning experience.  I’m sure they will keep learning as time goes by.

So, please comment away and weigh in on your thoughts about spanking.





Being a good daddy is a full-time job! Thank you for visiting for information, advice and stories from dads all over the world. Your contributions are more than welcome. We are all in this together, so sharing lessons learned and bright ideas will be appreciated by dads internationally! Funny games, yummy recipes, wonderful books– all suggestions are appreciated. Send them in today!
Dads always have a lot to do, no matter how many children they have! Providing a loving, warm upbringing for your little ones is a joy, one that requires constant dedication and planning. Organizing your child’s schooling, instilling a strong sense of right and wrong and having enough time to play and bond with each other is paramount. There is always a lot to learn, new gadgets and toys to keep up with, homework to help complete. It isn’t always easy. You dads out there are doing just great!

Keep sending in your comments and feedback! Dads need downtime too, of course, so let us know what you get up to in your free time. When your kids are out with your wife or at their grandparents, how do you unwind? Whether you go catch a game, or play Party poker and have a barbeque with your buddies, we’d like to hear about it. If you know of some great places or deals that might interest tired daddies who need a break, let us know!

In the mean time, keep having fun with your children and enjoying every minute of their childhood. It goes by all too quickly! Maintain that life-work balance, and make sure you get some time for yourself too, so that you can feel happy and rested. A happy dad is a better dad!


Getting back in shape…Easier said than done!

Well as most of you know, I’ve really been trying to get back into shape for at least the past month. I have an ARMY APFT (ARMY Physical Fitness Test). I have struggled with these for most of my military career and it’s beginning to jeopardize a lot more than my next potential promotion. Recently, I was told that the National Guard is getting hit just as financially hard as the rest of the Federal Government. This means that they will be looking for reasons to let soldiers go. This is a major concern for me because not only do I want to retire from the National Guard, but my full time career also depends on me remaining in the Guard. If I am released from the National Guard, I will also lose my full time career that I’ve had for almost eight years now…

One of the major factors they are looking at are soldiers that have failed their last two “For Record” APFT’s. Lucky for me, I passed my PT test just over two years ago. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for last year’s APFT and I was not able to get it on either of my two make up tests. After the speech we got in August, I’ve been taking PT (Physical Training) a lot more seriously!

I started by running 2 miles every Tuesday and Thursday and 1 mile every Wednesday and Friday. This went on for about three weeks before I decided I needed to follow some type of plan. After searching the web, I found a few programs to begin using. First, I found Hal Higdon’s 5k Training Program (NOVICE Level). I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks now and it has really helped with my endurance but I can tell that my speed is not where it needs to be. I have not decided if I should drop the program all together or finish it up and then work on speed drills. As of right now, I have 3 weeks left of that program and about 7 weeks until the PT test…

As for the push up event, I’ve been using the “hundred pushups” program, On the initial test, SEP 15, 2011, I was able to do about 40 push ups without getting up or lying down. I’ve been doing this one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since and I’ve gotten to where I can do a total of 105 Push Ups (across 5 sets). Not sure how many I can do in two minutes without a rest break but I will test myself on this soon.

Finally, the sit-up event. Around the same time I found Hundred Pushups, I also found a website called Random Abs that is mobile friendly. This site is good if you are trying to get in shape, over time, and you don’t want to get burned out on the same ol’ ab routines. As a test, I did 2 minutes worth of sit-ups last night and I hit 50 before burning out (about 20 seconds remaining on the clock). That’s not bad but again, I’m not convinced that this program is going to get me where I need to be…

From here, I’m going to try to regularly update this blog as a motivator and routine tracker during the process….