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Corn Allergies in Children

By no means am I a doctor or pediatrician, I am a husband and father of 3 wonderful kids!  I want to share a story from earlier this year about my daughter and what we all went through as a family because it could happen to you and your kids. This happened over night it seemed like, corn allergies in children.  It was that quick!

Last summer, kids were out of school and everything was good.  One day my daughter panicked, she said she couldn’t swallow and from there it started.  We took our daughter to the ER where they said that nothing was wrong, it was just a panic attack.  But my daughter wouldn’t stop talking about it, she kept saying that her throat felt closed.

We then took her to an allergist and what came back amazed me.  My daughter was allergic to CORN!  Of all things…CORN!  Now I am allergic to mosquito bites, no big thing, but this is a FOOD ALLERGY.  This can mean LIFE OR DEATH.   My wife and I were devastated.  How can our daughter be allergic to corn when no one else in the family is?  There isn’t even anyone else in our immediate family that has a food allergy!  But this article isn’t about why she has it.  I want to inform you guys in case this happens to you because it can be very scary.

First off, I would like to make a list to show you what you CAN’T have if you are allergic to corn.  This IS NOT everything, this is probably the most common ingredients.  First off you know you can’t eat corn if you have a corn allergy.  DUH!   But did you know that almost every food you can buy in a store has some sort of corn product in it?  That is what got me and my wife so upset.  It is so hard to find food that doesn’t have corn in it.   Now we are lucky, my wife loves to cook and she took charge of this and has made some GREAT food for us without corn products.  But, back to the list of stuff you CAN’T eat if you are allergic to corn.

SO because of CORN she cant have any of these:

Image from
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  1. Corn
  2. High fructose corn syrup
  3. Corn sweetener
  4. Corn meal
  5. Corn syrup solids
  6. Baking powder
  7. Hominy
  8. Corn flour
  9. Maize
  10. Masa
  11. Corn starch
  12. Corn alcohol
  13. Grits
  14. Dextrin
  15. Maltodextrins
  16. Food starch
  17. Vegetable gum
  18. Modified gum starch
  19. Vegetable starch
  20. Sorbitol
  21. Vinegar  (Distilled Vinegar, but they can have Apple Vinegar)
  22. Corn Oil

This is NOT everything, the list goes on and on.

Now companies are making products now that don’t have so many corn products in them and this is great!  Some foods that my daughter can eat and actually like are: Nutella, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Apple Sauce, Fruits and Vegetables (Real fruits and veggies, not from cans) and Vegenaise (A kind of mayonnaise and it’s not that bad.).  Just to name a few.   From reading what my daughter likes now, you may have noticed the word ORGANIC.  First off, this means MORE EXPENSIVE to us moms and dads.  But it is truly better for us to eat and in lots of cases it really does help out your local farmers!  We all need to eat better and eating organic foods is one way to do it!

We also thought that she was allgeric to gluten, but she wasn’t and that was a relief.  If you have a child that is, look at this book, A Complete Guide To Raising Kids In The Gluten-free World.  That is a great resource on what you can and can’t feed your kids.  A must read if you have a child that can’t get gluten.
The reason why my daughter can have more organic foods is because organic foods don’t have all the preservatives in them.  There are A LOT of things made from corn that are in everything!   I truly think you would be surprised, I know we were.

Please  comment on this article and tell me what you think.  If you have more information, please add it in the comments.  As parents, we need ALL  the information that we can get to keep our children happy and healthy.  If you have questions from a parent that has been through this, please comment and I will get back with you.  All parents need to stick together and help each other out, that’s what Daddyplace is all about!




Talk about Windy!

I was just reading up on some other Dad Blogs, The Busy Dad Blog, which is one of my favorites.  I saw this story about how windy it was one day.   Great read and some awesome pictures that show exactly what wind can do.   You guys should take a look at it.

I don’t mind storms at all, in fact, I like them.   However, having said that, wind actually frightens me.  I know it does my wife and kids and I believe that is why it frightens me, because I always want them to be safe.  Before my wife and kids I always wanted to be a storm chaser.  It was what I wanted to do when “I grew up”.   That was my thing and still is in a way, it’s just not something I will ever get too.

If you like storms too, or like seeing pics of storms and there damage, take a look at these posts on Daddyplace:  (Scroll thru the pages to see pics and vids)   (One video of flooding in NJ)

We all know storms are just apart of life, so stay as safe as you can and take pics if you can too.  Everyone loves seeing storm pics.


Being A Better Dad

Dads Make A Difference


Most of us dads all want to be the best dads we can be, I know I do.  I try very hard to make the right decisions, I know that I don’t always do.  It’s nice to know that there is a place where dads help dads make good decisions, by helping each other.  That wasn’t always the case.  I’m glad that Daddyplace is around so I can share my parenting problems with other dads who are going through or have gone through what I am.

Being a dad can be very stressful, at least for me it can.  I have 3 wonderful, beautiful and caring kids, but each of them have something that makes them alittle hard to get along with sometimes.   My 2 boys have both been diagnosed with ADHD, and my daughter has been diagnosed with a corn allergy.  Yes, you heard right, CORN!

Now I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but corn is in almost EVERYTHING!  It can be very frustrating to feed her.  I thank God everyday that I have a wonderful and caring wife.  Since she is the one that cooks and goes to the store, she has taken charge on this and has taught me almost everything that I need to know to feed our daughter when Mom isn’t around.  It can be very intimidating, but it can be done.  There are some great organic stores around and thankfully, my daughter likes most of the food.


Those are just a few of the trials that I go through as a dad, what do other dads go through, go to the site and read some.  So being a dad is hard, very hard, but it is one of the most rewarding things that a man can do in his life.  I’m glad that I’m a dad, and I am very glad that I care enough to want to be the best dad I can be!






3 Baby Care Tips For New And Nervous Fathers

Moms have traditionally occupied the spotlight when it comes to caring for their babies. It’s understandable that new dads might feel intimidated by the task. Whether they’re putting diapers on them, burping them, or simply holding them while they fall asleep, new fathers are often tentative. They fear they’ll do something wrong.

If you’re a new (and nervous) father, rest assured that you’ll be a pro in no time. Here are three baby care tips that will give you a head start:

Tip 1 – Follow Your Instincts. They’re Usually Right.

First-time dads have a common fear when their babies are born: they don’t trust themselves. They’re accustomed to working on cars, firmly holding rusty tools, and neglecting the subtleties of a soft touch. Add to that the stereotype of the novice father giving his kids healthy slices of birthday cake for breakfast and the anxiety seems reasonable.

Trust your instincts. Parenting is largely about trial and error – for both you and your partner. You’ll make mistakes; expect them and learn from them. The worst thing you can do is surrender to your worries and allow your partner to compensate by handling the entire job. Get involved. You’ll be thankful you did when your child grows older.

Tip 2 – Learn Proper Handling Techniques

First, retire the anxiety that you’ll drop your baby. It rarely ever happens. Quite the opposite, you’ll find that holding him is instinctive. The key is to learn how to use your hands in order to properly support him. During his first month, his neck muscles will not be developed, which means he won’t be able to support his head. You’ll need to do it for him.

When you pick him up, slip one hand beneath his shoulder blades. Position your hand so that it’s holding his head while you slip your other hand behind his bottom. Then, lift him slowly.

Tip 3 – Learning To Swaddle

Swaddling is a relatively new parenting technique for soothing and comforting a fussy or frightened baby. Here’s how to do it: lay a small blanket on the floor and fold it so that it looks like a 3-pointed diamond. Position it so that one of the points is at the top. Fold that point down a fourth of the way. Next, lay your little one on his back and position him so his head is above the fold.

Loosely wrap the right end of the blanket over his right arm and place that arm on his chest. Then, bring up the point at the bottom so that it covers his feet. Lastly, wrap the remaining portion of the blanket (on your infant’s left side) around his right arm. A few tucks here and there, and your baby will feel as if he’s back in his mother’s womb.

Remember, parenting is a challenge as much as it is a joy. As a new father, look forward to the adventure of raising your baby. With a little attention and a lot of love, you’ll soon leave your first-time parenting fears behind you.