Talk about Windy!

I was just reading up on some other Dad Blogs, The Busy Dad Blog, which is one of my favorites.  I saw this story about how windy it was one day.   Great read and some awesome pictures that show exactly what wind can do.   You guys should take a look at it.

I don’t mind storms at all, in fact, I like them.   However, having said that, wind actually frightens me.  I know it does my wife and kids and I believe that is why it frightens me, because I always want them to be safe.  Before my wife and kids I always wanted to be a storm chaser.  It was what I wanted to do when “I grew up”.   That was my thing and still is in a way, it’s just not something I will ever get too.

If you like storms too, or like seeing pics of storms and there damage, take a look at these posts on Daddyplace:  (Scroll thru the pages to see pics and vids)   (One video of flooding in NJ)

We all know storms are just apart of life, so stay as safe as you can and take pics if you can too.  Everyone loves seeing storm pics.


One thought on “Talk about Windy!

  1. I like storms too. The only time I really didn’t care for them was when I was working in the power plant industry. Storms upset power grids which in turn upsets power plants and can trip them offline, especially if they are small ones like the ones I used to work with. So storms were cool as long as I was not at work or on call.

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