12 Things Single Dads Can Do To Teach Your Kids Not to Get Bullied

Some kids are simply targets for bullying. Whether it is their small stature or their inability to communicate with others, children often know no limitations on how far is too far when it comes to bullying. Is your child being bullied? Listed below are 12 things that single dads can do to teach your kids not to get bullied. Be sure that your child is doing what he can to stay out of the line of fire.

  • Be more social.  Kids who are antisocial are often those who get targeted in bullying. Encourage your child to be more social with other children around him so that he doesn’t stand out or appear as the “odd” child. Look for opportunities to encourage him to socialize such as attending birthday parties and other school functions.


  • Stay with a group of friends at all times.   If you know that there is a bully in your child’s class, encourage him to stay with a group of friends at all times. Bullies usually won’t target kids who stay in large groups.


  • Don’t be known as a tattle tale.   Is your child a tattle tale?  While this is no reason for a child to bully him, it can certainly lead to bullying. Try to correct behaviors that can make your child a target such as tattling.

  • Keep distance from those who are known as bullies.   Teach your child to keep his or her distance from people who are known as bullies. Chances are that your child can tell you who the bully is in the class.


  • Don’t appear weak and give in to bullies.   Explain to your child the importance of not giving in to the demands of bullies. Bullies will often ask for lunch money, demand answers on test, etc. Encourage your child not to give in to the demands of bullies regardless of whether or not he fears.


  • Find a trusting adult to confide in.   When these situations arise, it is important that an adult be contacted immediately. If your child feels threatened by another peer, he needs to seek the help of a trusted adult. Choose an adult at the school that your child will agree to confide in when a problem arises.


  • Stay away from bullies on social media websites.   Teach your child about the dangers of cyber bullying as well. They can be targeted online just as easily as they can be targeted at school. As a single dad, it is important that you monitor your child’s access to social media. Know what is going on at all times.


  • Show kindness to everyone, even bullies.   A little kindness can go a long way. Bullies are no exception. While it may be hard to be nice to a bully, sometimes kindness is the answer to resolving the situation. Perhaps your child’s kindness towards the bully will somehow help change the behavior of the bully.


  • Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve.   Bullies often target those who wear their feelings on their sleeve. Children who cry at school are usually the first targets.


  • Stand up for yourself without physical altercations.   There is a way to stand up for yourself without getting into a fight. Make sure that your child knows how important it is to stand up for himself.


  • Be proud of who you are.   Bullies usually won’t mess with children who have a sense of pride. Teach your child to believe in himself so that he can stand up to bullies.


  • Realize that the bullies are the one with the problem.   Children who are victims of bullying often feel as if there is something wrong with them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If your child has been a victim of bullying, ensure that he knows that the problem lies within the bully.

If you suspect that your child is being bullied, it is important that you address the matter head on and as soon as possible. Bullying can be detrimental to your child’s self esteem and is very dangerous. What will you, as a single dad, teach your kids about bullying?

Alex is a content developer working for Matryoshka nesting doll – an online store offering large range of authentic Russian dolls.


3 thoughts on “12 Things Single Dads Can Do To Teach Your Kids Not to Get Bullied

  1. I think this is such a cool site. I am glad to have found it. Bullying is such a huge problem right now. It is hard to predict who will be bullied but I think your tips do help to at least somewhat prevent that. Being social and having a strong core group of friends is so so key as well as having a good relationship with your kids. Thanks.

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