5 Tips for Being the Best Stay At Home Dad

Mothers know best for their kids. That’s what most people would say. But in this day and age, women and men have become more gender sensitive when it comes to division of work be it in the office or even in parenting. What men can do women can do too and vice versa. So for dads who need to further hone their skills when it comes to taking care of their kids while their wives are away, here are 5 tips for being the best stay at home dad.

1. Know your child’s needs and habits.

One important step to becoming a good stay at home parent is to properly observe your baby’s behavior and needs. This way, you can prepare beforehand and avoid long hours of crying and tantrums. In the case of small babies, try to observe your child’s sleeping habits. With this, you will be able to determine what time your baby would wake up and you will be ready by that time to feed him or change his diapers. This step will help you lessen baby’s crying because you already know then what he needs.

2. Make feeding time a nice bonding activity for you and your baby.

Feeding time is when mothers usually bond with their babies, especially so when they breastfeed. For dads however, such is not the case. To make feeding time a great bonding moment between you and your little one, try to position your baby in a comfortable manner where he can see your face while you feed him with his baby bottle. This way, he will learn who you are by your face.

3. Be prepared.

Another tip for dads who stay at home is to be ready with almost anything. In case your child gets sick, you have to be ready with your pediatrician’s phone number as well as the nearest hospital’s number just in case. It would also be helpful if you keep a first aid kit at home in case your child gets into an accident. Just be ready with some antiseptic, cotton balls, and bandages. You also need to keep some medicines for fever, cough, colds, toothache, and headache.

4. Get involved with playtime.

As a dad, you have to enjoy every moment with your kids and that includes playtime. For babies, it would help if you keep some baby toys and tapes ready so that you can spend some bonding time together with your little one. For older children, make it a point to play with your kids so that you can all enjoy together. You can teach them new tricks and games which they will surely love.

5. Be a good teacher to your kids.

Finally, be the best teacher you can be to your kids. As early as possible, try to teach them good manners and deeds by leading with a good example. You can also teach them how to value education by introducing to them the basics of reading and writing as well as counting.

Becoming the best stay at home dad is indeed a challenging task. Nevertheless, showing your kids love and guidance will truly be a wonderful achievement.

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