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A Daddies First Miscarriage and the Feelings that came with it

I have been a dad for 13 1/2 long years now.  LOL   Don’t let that fool you that I ain’t happy.  I am extremely happy and I love my kids.   I have 3 wonderful kids now and I’m proud of all of them in different ways.

My wife and I want one more child.  We got pregnant about 4 months ago and we were both excited.  I was excited but I don’t believe that my wife thought so.  I just get excited in a different way because while I’m excited, I am also full of worry. Worrying about bills and that we need a new car (mini-van) and that we would have 4 kids in a 3 bedroom house.   There was so much going on in my head!

My wife wasn’t feeling right and she went to her doctor.  I got the phone call from her and all I heard was sobbing.  I KNEW something was wrong but I didn’t know exactly what.  She eventually told me that we lost the baby.  We had a miscarriage and my heart just fell.  I wasn’t even with her to hold her!

When she got home we both cried.  We couldn’t believe it.  Why did this happen?  What caused it?  Could we have done something, anything so this didn’t happen???  The doctor told us that this happens sometimes.  It’s no ones fault.  The doctor also said something about a blood clotting disorder that is brought on by a previous pregnancy and she said that this is getting fairly common.  If it’s getting fairly common, then why don’t doctors check pregnant women when they are first pregnant?

Anyway, my wife had to have 2 D&C’s done because the first one wasn’t done correctly.  I felt so horrible for my wife.  I could only imagine what she was going through.  But, I had to be strong, I NEEDED to be strong for her, a shoulder to cry on.  I did what I could and can only hope that it was enough for her.

It has been alittle over 2 weeks since the last D&C and she is finally getting “better”, if you can say that.  We won’t forget our little “peanut”.  We hadn’t named him/her yet, but we will NEVER forget!



Dad Bloggers Unite!

As a dad and a blogger I love seeing comments on my blog post and my site.  Problem is, there just isn’t much commenting going on around dad blog sites.  So, how do we fix this because I KNOW that all dads want comments on their blogs even if it’s just a simple comment like “You go Dad!”.

I have been thinking about it so I wanted to create this blog post and see if I could get all dad bloggers a central place to put their blog out there so all other daddy bloggers could see it.  If all of the dad bloggers commented on each others blog posts then we would have a better, more active blogging community plus make new friends and new connections to keep our sites running great and active.

So, comment and share your wonderful, informative dad blog and let’s all start commenting on each other’s blogs.  Let’s even write blog posts about what we have seen on other dad blog sites….trackbacks.  We can make the dad blog community grow, but we need all dad bloggers to participate.

Who is with me?

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How Do Stay At Home Dads Shop for Furniture and Appliances?

Do you, as a dad, get to help choosing furniture and appliances in your home?  I mean, my wife and I both live in the home so dads should be able to help choose what styles of furniture and appliances  are in the home.  Now most dads just let the wife decide because if most men are like me, we just want our wives to be happy, so we let them choose.

I wonder how stay at home dads handle this?  Do they get to choose what types of furniture and appliances that are bought for their home?  If so, do they wonder what is the lowest coffee table height or do they just buy what they like best?  Curious minds want to know.  LOL

When it comes to kitchen appliances the stove is probably the main one.   There are so many different places to go purchase one and so many different styles to buy, what do you do?  Do you guys just go to google and type in lowes stoves and do some research or do you just go to the stores and look?

It’s the same thing for air conditioners.  You can either get a window mounted air conditioner or a central heat and air unit.   You could try searching for lowes air conditioners or just like above, go to the store and just see what they have.

The possibilities are endless.  Shop online or go to the stores…and there are so many stores to choose from.

So, what do you stay at home dads do, shop online or go to the store.


iMobster Friend Codes

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