Cell Phones for Free

At what age do you dads think is ok for your kids to get cell phones?

For me, I wasn’t going to let my kids have a cell phone until they could pay for it on their own.  But as time has went by and my kids doing everything under the sun (they seem to be gone alot).  I am beginning to think that they need a cell phone so if they ever do run into trouble they will always be able to contact me (or mom).

The reason I wanted to make this blog post is because I have been thinking about this and wondering what other dads thought, but also because I found out about t-mobile free cell phones.   Now, I don’t have the t-mobile service so if you do, what is the service like?

I guess kids now-a-days need a cell phone as much as some adults do?  There are so many activities after school, time spent with their friends and even sleep overs.   Are your kids just as busy as you are and if they are do they have their own cell phones?

I don’t believe that I would get my kids the hottest new phone, but something simple like I used to have.  Just a normal phone that calls people and has a contact list so my kids can have all the numbers where they can reach me at.  Here is a great one called the Firefly Children’s Cell Phone and it’s available through AT&T.

So, dads, do you allow your kids to have a cell phone?  How are they with it?




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