Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2012 from Dads

This is my first ever time giving gift ideas for dads on Father’s Day.  I dreamed this up in hopes of helping children and moms get their dads and husbands something nice on Father’s Day for a great deal.  I have looked over the internet and found what I believe to be some of the best gifts that dads would like and enjoy.  It’s all about dads and most dads want gifts that they can use and be happy with.  So enough talking, let’s get on with the Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2012 from Dads.


Denali 115 piece tool kit
Denali 115 piece tool kit



First off, the Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit is a great idea for dad because as you know, something always breaks around the house, now he can have all the tools he needs to fix the problem in one convenient place! Click HERE to check it out!





Next up is the Maglight. This is a great flash light! With 172 lumens, this will light up anything your dad wants “lightened up”! LOL If I could only tell you how many times I have wished a had a super bight flashlight around. This would do the trick plus with it’s small size, perfect for in the pocket! Click HERE to get one for your dad.





You might think this is funny but how about the Bugkiller? I love doing stuff with my family outside in the afternoon, especially around the firepit. This little gem will make sure that there are no pesky bugs bugging you when you do that! Did you laugh? I hope not, believe me when I tell you, the outdoor dad/family will LOVE this! Check it out by Clicking Here!






Motorola Talkabout MC220R 16-Mile
Motorola Talkabout MC220R 16-Mile



This is something that my kids and I really enjoy.  It’s the Motorola Talkabout MC220R radios. Don’t laugh . These are really fun for when dad and the kids go out hiking or just messing around in the yard.  Another thing that we use them for is when we are traveling. If there is more than one car, these are great for communicating between the cars so you don’t have to use up your cell phone minutes! Click HERE to have a look.




These are just a few ideas that I came up with.  Some I use, some I would like to have <hint, hint>.    If you get any of these for your dad/husband, he is sure to love them.  If you find something else for him too, I’m sure he will love that as well, that’s just the way us dads are.


One thought on “Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2012 from Dads

  1. This sure is the best and a very creative sensible father’s day gift I can gift to my father. These are so awesome and easy, I love it. We are going for the Maglight gift and the i love you this much card. Here we go!

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