Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2012 from Dads, Part 2

We have had some great comments on our part one, so I decided to make Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2012, Part 2!  We have also had some great suggestions from more dads about what they would want.    So, here are more suggestions on what to get your husband and dad for Father’s Day 2012!


This is a great idea and product.  Ever wanted to know if there were fish in your favorite fishing hole?  With this product you can see if the fish are there BEFORE you through in your worm.  It’s the Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod Reel.  I would love to have this, I think that I would find it more exciting than actually fishing.   I’m sure your dad will LOVE this if he loves fishing.!



I love using binoculars and I’m sure your dad does too.   These are GREAT and they have great reviews.   These are called Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars and they even come with the tripod!  What a great deal!  Your dad would LOVE these.




I have owned one of these before and I used it ALOT!  This is the Garmin Etrex Venture GPS.
I took my kids on several GPS caches and we had so much fun!  But it can be used for so much more than that.   From playing around to finding something that we need to find.  It’s great when you don’t want to ask for directions, and how many dads like to ask for directions?   LOL

Now EVERY man wants one of these and it’s a great deal.   This is the Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool.  No matter what the job is, this tool will have the tool to use.  This is a best seller and a great tool to have.   Check it out!

Well, there you are.  Four more great products that all dads would love to have for Father’s Day.


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