A Novel Idea For Father-Child Bonding

It’s always tough thinking of some fun father-child bonding activities that don’t grow old. Sure, going down to the park to play football is always fun, as is the cinema. But what about the days that it rains? Or what about if there’s nothing on at the cinema? In the current financial climate, not every father can afford to be day-tripping left, right and centre. As I’m sure you know however; you don’t have to break the bank to spend a bit of quality time with the kids.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. We all know children get quickly bored of things and move on to the latest fad. This applies to television programs, music, toys and even their clothing. The rate at which their tastes change makes their childhood that little bit more expensive for you. The natural move for many parents is to dispose of old clothing either by simply throwing them out or giving them to charity, but hanging on to them gives you the opportunity for a cheap, fun and unique day’s activity.

If I told you that you could keep the kids entertained for a day with just a couple of t-shirts, some paints or pens and an old bedsheet, you probably wouldn’t believe me, would you? Picture this: when you were a child, you would occasionally get paint or food on your favourite piece of clothing wouldn’t you? Your parents inevitably wouldn’t be happy either, so that would have played on your mind. Imagine, as a child, being told you can do what you want to a t-shirt and your parents won’t only be happy, but they’ll actively encourage and praise you for it! Here, we have today’s activity.

Allowing the children to personalise t-shirts effectively kills two birds with one stone. You have a fun activity that you and the children can take part in, and you save yourself a few dollars when it comes to the next clothes shopping trip! Obviously, not every house will have a wide range of fabric markers and paint sets just lying around, but these can be picked up from pretty much any craft shop at a minimal cost.

It must be said that paints do create the nicest t-shirts, especially when used in conjunction with a range of stencils. This way, even the least creative child can make a t-shirt that they will wear with pride. This isn’t only limited to the children either, if you’re joining in you may want to cover your own back too and use a stencil! I know I’d certainly be shown up by a child if I didn’t use one…

Finally; the boring part. The previously mentioned bedsheet is obviously used as a precaution to prevent any spilled paint getting on carpets, furniture and just about anywhere else. At the very least, I’d recommend some old newspaper over the essential bits and bobs. Similarly, having a bowl of soapy water nearby might be a good idea, especially if you’re entertaining multiple children. Having a small army of children marching towards the kitchen with paint all over their hands is surely a recipe for disaster!

If you follow these quick tips, you should have a relatively cheap, fun and stress-less day. Happy painting!


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