Did You Forget Father’s Day?! Five Gifts That May Just Make It Up To Him

Father and Son

Do dad’s get offended? Father’s Day has come and gone, and perhaps you were too busy celebrating with your own kids to make the requisite phone call. Maybe you just forgot. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to try and make it up to the man you’ve looked up to and loved since childhood. Go beyond the typical “dad gifts” and give him something thoughtful that he’ll enjoy using throughout the year or that appeals to his individual sense of style. A meaningful gift is the best way to emphasize that you may have forgotten the day, but you haven’t forgotten him. Here are some ideas that could make him feel a little better about the oversight.


1. Sweet Treats

For the dad who always has a sweet tooth, a tasty treat can be an endearing way to honor him on this special day. Father’s day deserts are one way to celebrate your dad’s special day, but if you’re not up for baking you can consider other sweet treat possibilities as well.

  • Choose something that’s festively arranged, like a candy or cookie bouquet. You can buy cookies on sticks and have them arranged like a bouquet of flowers in a vase or basket, or make your own chewy cookies and arrange them yourself.
  • For a healthier option, consider a fruit arrangement with strawberries and melons arranged on skewers inside a basket.
  • Keep in mind any dietary restrictions your dad might have. This isn’t to say you can’t give him a sweet treat, but if he suffers from diabetes, for instance, look for something that’s sugar-free or made specifically for diabetics.

2. A Day Trip

Give your dad a certificate for a day trip that you both can take together. Think of something your dad enjoys (and you don’t mind doing either). In other words, don’t propose taking a fishing trip if you absolutely hate fishing.

  • Take your dad hiking and surprise him with some new gear he’s been eyeing.
  • Enjoy a sporting event with your dad at his favorite home team event. If his favorite sport isn’t in season, get him tickets for an upcoming game in the fall or winter.

3. A Photo Montage

Just because mothers are usually the ones who coordinate and arrange the photo albums doesn’t mean dad’s don’t appreciate pictures too.

  • Create a collage of various pictures of you and your dad throughout your life, starting when you a young child up through your present age.
  • Frame a particularly touching picture of you and your dad, even if it’s 20 years old.
  • Have a picture of your siblings and grandchildren taken and present it to your dad as a sentimental gift.

4. An Adventure

Take your dad to do something he’s always talked about but never had the opportunity to do. This can be anything from skydiving to skiing, to visiting the Grand Canyon.

  • Your trip doesn’t have to be expensive, but subtly discuss some possibilities with him ahead of time so you can arrange a trip he’ll enjoy.
  • Canoeing down a local river is a great idea if your dad is an avid fisherman.
  • Take lots of pictures during the event and present them to your dad in a small album a few weeks later.

5. A memoir.

This can be anything from a collection of short stories about you and your dad to a series of lessons or things you learned from him over the years.

  • Compile your writing into an artfully bound book sold at a craft store.
  • Detail your emotions and feelings for your father throughout the book. Sadly, we often wait too long to tell our parents how we really feel. Don’t hold back: tell your dad how much you love him!


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