Tuffo Family Car Organizer Review


Now this is a product!  Tired of having a messy car?  I know our car is a total mess.  We have 3 kids and there is tons of kid stuff throughout the care.  Here is the product that we, as parents, need!  Take a look at the Family Car Organizer.  This is a very nice idea plus it has 4.1 out of 5 stars from user ratings.  That’s an incredible score.

The Family Car Organizer will hold books, toys, snacks, this jumbo car organizer has room for everything. The movable dividers keeps contents sorted (and siblings at peace). Insulated, with two drink holders, eight outside pockets, and carry strap. The lid is so rugged, it doubles as a tray. Won’t shift; anchors to a seat belt.

Product Features

  • Very well organized, so small items don’t get lost and kids don’t get frustrated.
  • Reinforced lid is so sturdy, kids can use it as an activity tray, the raised sides keeps snacks and crayons corralled.
  • Large enough to keep two kids happy; measures 18″L x 14″W x 10″H.
  • Create your own compartments with the adjustable, removable dividers.
  • Insulated to keep snacks fresh, rugged nylon construction, wipe to clean.

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If you decide to buy this product from us, once you get it please come back and leave a review of the product to help other dads (and moms) out.


4 thoughts on “Tuffo Family Car Organizer Review

  1. Great invention. I can see that it would be handy having all of their stuff right there for them and it looks like it is made of some sturdy, washable material. Now all the interior needs is to be plasticized so that you can just turn the garden hose on and rinse it out. I’ve seen this in police cruisers and some cabs.

  2. This is cool – but seems a little bulky-looking from the pictures. Personally, I’d prefer something that collapses or folds when it is not in use so it doesn’t take up extra space.

    1. I think your right Tom. I believe it’s meant for smaller families with one or two kids. We have 3 kids and one on the way so there probably wouldn’t be room for it in our van.

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