When your a New Dad and Preparing for Pregnancy

Are you going to be a new dad?  Are you expecting for the first time?  If so, then I’m sure that you have a ton of questions and that’s what daddyplace is all about.  Dads Helping Dads with Fatherly Advice.

Dads can get great advice from other dads on many factors of parenting from a dads view.  But what about what’s really going on with mom?  What’s her body going through, what’s the baby look like inside mom and what’s the baby doing now?  Sure, these questions can go through all expecting new dads minds.  Being a expecting dad can be a very worrying situation.  You can talk to other dads about what your going through and your questions and that can be very helpful.  But, when your preparing for pregnancy, sites for moms can be helpful to dads as well.  They can answer a lot of questions that you may have that other dads can’t answer.

So find a dads site that you like and do your research on some moms sites.  The more informed you are the better you will feel and the more helpful you will be for your wife during the pregnancy.




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