Dads Enjoy Writing Poetry

Many dads enjoy writing poetry in their free time. Some of these dads are professional writers who may ghost write books, write for professional trade publications and more. Others, however, may have an interest in poetry but may be pursuing other career options outside of writing. Whether you are a writer by trade or simply enjoy putting pen to paper from time to time, you may be looking for a great way to get your work out there and to get recognized for your talent. Entering poetry contests is a great option to consider, and you can enter your best work for consideration and recognition through World Poetry Movement.

World Poetry Movement, found online at, provides you with the ability to enter your work into a poetry contest online and without hassle. The company has handed out over $250,000 in prizes over the last 15 years for excellence in poetry, and the next award the company hands out may be to you. While there are many different contests that you can enter your work in, many amateur and professional poets alike enjoy submitting their work to this site because it is free to enter your work into a contest. Other sites charge a fee, and some will charge a rather hefty fee. With World Poetry Movement, however, you can submit multiple entries without cost, and each entry has the opportunity to win up to $1,000 in cash prizes.

World Poetry Movement provides you with a great way to get your work recognized and to earn a cash reward for your work too. Take time to check the site out today, and submit your first entry without delay.


3 thoughts on “Dads Enjoy Writing Poetry

  1. I find writing poetry to be very relaxing. It helps me focus my mind and to ignore distractions. If I am having trouble focusing on the day’s projects, I will take time to work on the poetry I prepare for every Sunday. I have found that it is an amazing way to bring peace to the mind.

  2. Thanks so much for posting that link:) I’ve never considered submitting a poem before but I just did my first! How fun!! Hope it’s okay to share it here:)

    Where Will My Apples Fall?

    One day my little apples will fall from their tree.
    And I know as their daddy, their tree would be me.
    So how far they fall is up to me as their dad.
    But I thought that depends on the dad that I had?

    I truly believed like my dad I would be,
    Because the apple just ALWAYS falls close to his tree.
    I thought to be a good dad I did NOT get to choose,
    And the fall from my tree left a deep nasty bruise.

    Then I found something magic that makes bruises fade,
    Which has allowed me to live into the choice that I made,
    To be the very best dad for my boys I can be,
    Meant healing the bruises that were deep inside me.

    To live the best life that I know we can live,
    Meant experiencing the power of what it means to forgive.
    To know my dad loved me deep down in his heart,
    But not knowing how to show it was a great place to start.

    The fear of becoming “MY dad,” I now clearly see,
    Has faded completely, I’m now a POWERFUL TREE!
    So with love and compassion I can remember my dad
    And now I can feel grateful for the dad that I had.

    I found to be a good dad I really do get to choose,
    And through the magic of forgiveness there’s no longer a bruise.
    And now with two bright healthy apples who mean the whole world to me.
    I’ll be so proud if my apples fall close to their tree!

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