SAT Results Don’t Lie: “srsly were so dum lol”

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srsly were so dum lol. (Translation: Seriously, we are so dumb it makes me laugh out loud). This is how the teenagers of America communicate — with acronyms and truncated words — and it looks like they’re losing sight of the source material according to SAT Results.

A Sad State of Academic Affairs

SAT results from the graduating class of 2012 paint a dismal picture of the state of academic affairs in America. A perfect score is 2400 with a potential score of 800 in each of three sections: reading, writing (added in 2006) and math. The College Board reports that only 43 percent of the 1.66 million students who took the SAT achieved the SAT Benchmark (the level of achievement indicating probably collegiate academic success).

Reading scores for the SAT were at their lowest since 1972 and the essay scores were the lowest since that portion of the test was introduced. Average scores for the class of 2012 were as follows:

  • Reading: 496
  • Writing: 488
  • Math: 514

Prioritizing Studies

Looks like it’s time to put down the smartphones, turn off the television and retire the gaming console. Parents would be well advised to spend less money on fashionable name-brand jeans or kicks and instead invest in sessions with Study Point SAT tutors if they are interested in their children’s future success.

It’s a sad day in America when kids regularly misuse simple homonyms like your and you’re — or, somehow worse, there/their/they’re. I’m all for simplicity in communication but we’ve fallen into a trap of grammatical tragedy that makes “ye olde english” (where no word was spelled the same way twice) look like the golden age of communication.

Importance of Literacy

Simple grammatical errors are embarrassing, but — in the grand scheme of things — trivial. They are a symptom of a greater illness. Reading is one of the most essential skills we can teach our children. The ability to read, understand and analyze information allows our children to explore any topic they want to learn about. Allowing children to grow up unable to comprehend the written word is doing them a disservice of the most epic proportions.

Imagine your child working a menial job at a fast-food restaurant. If our children are so lazy and/or incompetent that they choose to listen to oral instructions instead of reading a Material Safety Data Sheet they could use simple cleaning chemicals incorrectly and cause themselves serious harm. There’s not a Youtube video for every skill that must be learned in life — or, if there is, there’s no guarantee that the information or methodology will be valid.

We can no longer tolerate the casual mediocrity of the internet age. Responsibility must be taken to provide American children with a quality education. Imagine your medical care in the hands of someone who cannot complete simple forms correctly. Consider the implications of your mechanic repairing a part in your engine incorrectly because a manual was poorly written. Our world relies on written communication to function. Unless we want to go back to the days before electricity where manual labor on a farm was the norm, we’d better get our act together.


6 thoughts on “SAT Results Don’t Lie: “srsly were so dum lol”

  1. Good for you bringing this to parents’ attention. It is difficult these days to secure a strong education because of all the distractions. My kids have computers and one has a dated iPod, but they don’t have cell phones. I’m kind of glad we couldn’t afford them! Even the computers and Xbox are a problem, but at least they’re confined to one room. And they’re necessary, I know.
    Too much from a mom on a Daddy site, lol! (We do talk a lot more than dads…)

  2. Great article, love the first sentence. I knew that things were bad but not THAT bad. Don’t even get me started on penmanship…

    Back to the books for this generation, literally and figuratively.

    Regards, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    Blogging about Family Life, Loss and Reviews with a side of Humour

  3. The same concern caught my attention. When I gave birth in 2005, spelling and comprehension, especially in English and our national language have became the country’s biggest concern. More and more kids and adults(!) were using textspeak and could no longer construct and comprehend basic English instructions.

    Given this, I trained my child to talk and write properly. She’s now 7 and could perfectly understand both languages. I think I made the right decision not to tolerate text speak in any occasion.

    1. I think you made the right decision, Iris. It really bothers me how our children speak and communicate now-a-days. I won’t even let my kids have a cell phone until they have a job and can pay for it.

  4. Good thing that you have shared it to parents. They will exactly learn new thing from here. Other than that, they are able to have good influence for their kids. Thank you for sharing it.

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