Boy Scouts? Good or Bad for Our Young Men?

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts?   Good or bad for our young men?

I am gonna say it’s a good decision.  My boys were bugging me about joining the boy scouts just a few weeks ago.  Of course I though just one more thing to take my kids too and I don’t have enough time as it is.  But of course when I look into their eyes and I see how excited they are about things…..I always cave into them.  It’s part of being a good dad I guess.

So I took them to their first meeting and I must say I was excited for them.  There was a good amount of boys there and some great dads as well.   The troop accepted my boys into their group very quickly and their fun began.  What looks fun for me is actually something called “learning” for them.  That made me even more excited for them.  It was all about fire safety on their first meeting and that is a great thing to learn.

So while the boys where hanging out learning about fire safety I was hanging out with the other dads in the troop and they were just as friendly as the Boy Scouts were.  We chatted and I introduced myself to them and they to me and then we talked about what the Boy Scouts were all about.  It’s about teaching boys to become men, the right kind of men, respectful, encouraging men.  Teaching them about life and how to be a MAN.  Not some watered down human that looks like a man, but a bonifide man who can make intelligent decisions based on their current predicament.   You know what I mean, how to use a knife, how to shoot a gun…safely!

I am very excited for my boys about being in the Boy Scouts, I think it was a great decision on their part for wanting to do something like this.  It makes me excited knowing that they are gonna learn things that boys want to learn and of course learning to say Yes Sir and No Sir isn’t just something to say but it’s more about being respectful to older people and that’s the way it should be!

We have just had the one meeting so far, but we have already filled out the application forms and I have my own form of being an adult leader in the group too.  I haven’t filled it out yet, but it is something that I plan on doing just because it will mean that I will have more time to spend with my boys and spending more time with your children is something that every dad needs to do!

Are you and your boys members of the Boy Scouts?  If not, look into it and see if it’s for you.  Read about it and better yet, just take them to one meeting and I bet both you and your boys will be hooked.  Here is a topic in our forums for Boy Scouts that you might like to read and see some pictures from one of our dads who is in the Boy Scouts as well.

Here is a YouTube video from the Boy Scouts of America and the host is Mike Rowe, you know, the guy from Tv’s Dirty Jobs.


4 thoughts on “Boy Scouts? Good or Bad for Our Young Men?

    1. That’s great Monica! My boys are already looking forward to the next meeting. You should have your husband sign up in our forums and share some stories. :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Hi

    I think its great that people are still doing this, my children went to cubs/scouts/brownies. Not only is it character building, about getting out of the house, having exercise, and learning new skills: they wouldn’t learn at school – meeting new people, making new friends, getting them ready for the world. Excellent!

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