Dad Blogs Are Growing In Numbers!

Are you a dad?   Do you blog?   Do you have your own dad blog?  Dad Blogs are growing in numbers!  Let’s keep an active list of them and comment on each others.

I think it’s great that dads are blogging now about their families.  Whether they are blogging about how great their family is or blogging about how many poppy diapers they have changed today.  It’s great to see all the activity.

There are many lists on the internet about dad blogs.  How many is out there?  I’ll never know, but what I do know is that we all need to keep an updated list.

So if you have your own dad blog, then make a comment here with the name and URL of it.  I will add it to this post.  If you see one that’s not active anymore, make a comment and I will check it out, if it’s gone I will delete it off the list.

If you can, please write a blog post and link to this post to get all dad bloggers to join in!


Dad Blogs (Updated 12/12/12)


Undaunteddaddy – : undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort. – Keeping One Step Ahead of Your Kids
fatherhoodetc – stay-at-home dad’s thoughts on parenting and life
Dadconteur – A sleep-deprived raconteur’s musings about life and the misadventures of raising two boys
Therockfather – A Daddy Blog and Website for Families that Rock!
Whynotfathers – Father’s who have made the decision to stay home with our children.
The Funny Conversations – To whom it may concern…I have a funny conversation


19 thoughts on “Dad Blogs Are Growing In Numbers!

  1. We are following you on Twitter. We are based out of Austin, TX and currently only on Twitter and Facebook. Our blog and website will be up in a few months.

    1. Thanks for the comment Arvin and thanks for the follow on Twitter! When your website is complete, please come back here and tell us so we can list it.

    1. Hey Chris, Thanks for the comment. We all forget sometimes, being a dad takes alot of time. We all understand. I have updated the post with your site.

    1. Hey Carl. Thanks for the comment and telling us about your site. Your link is now in the above post. I will check out Dad Bloggers on Facebook. Thanks for the info!

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