Lisa Belkins’ Post Let Dads Down

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I Love being a dad.  Not just the part about making kids, but the whole “experience”.   I love being “needed” and wanted around.  My children know that I love them, heck, I tell them everyday.  Believe me when I say that, I tell them EVERYDAY.  It’s not something that I have to do, I WANT to do it.

The reason I am saying this?  Years ago, I was married to my ex-wife, a cheater.  I divorced her and fought for custody of my two young boys.  I was awarded custody of them and I have Thanked God ever since then.  I WANTED to be their parent, the one that raised them into being young men and then adult men.  I WANTED to teach them right from wrong, the ins and outs of everyday decision making.  Have I done a good job?  Don’t know.  Some days they make good decisions, some days they don’t.   I guess such as life.  Everybody makes some bad decisions, right?

I keep getting off topic, the reason I am writing this is because of Lisa Belkin’s post about Trends In Parenting: 13 Things Moms And Dads Should Expect To See In 2013.   I believe Lisa Belkins’ post let dads down.  It should be titled  12 Things Moms and 1 Thing Dads Should Expect To See In 2013.  I get upset because as hard as I try and many other dads try to be the best dad in the world, we simply don’t get the respect.  It’s all about moms.  BUT, I intend to change that and I know they are other dads that plan on it as well.   Tom Matlock from the Good Men Project wrote an article called, 20 Reasons Dads Matter, in response to what Lisa Belkin wrote in her article.  His article is very good and I recommend that every dad read it.  Another dad,  Zach Rosenberg, from 8bitdad wrote his article called, Fathers in 2013: Ruminations by Lisa Belkin, Tom Matlack & 8BitDad.  Another great article from a great dad.

I am glad to see men…dads standing up for what they believe in.  I truly believe that if all dad bloggers work together and stick together we can gain the respect that we deserve.  Dads are better now than they ever have been.  We are spending more time with our children and teaching our children better.  Are you a dad?   Love your children?  Tell us!

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2 thoughts on “Lisa Belkins’ Post Let Dads Down

  1. It was a disappointing article, and the worst thing is that I’ve seen some good things from her. I expect very little from mom-centric places like Babble and Parenting magazine, but I feel Belkins wants to be inclusive, but doesn’t know just how biased she is toward mom-stories.

    By the way, we have a new group on Facebook now, which all dad-bloggers are welcome to join:

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