Dad Bloggers in 2012 – The Best of List

What was great about the year 2012?  Not much you might say?  It was just the same ole stuff?  You might say that and it might be true.  Some things were better though.  My family is growing by one more.  I still have a job and my family is healthy.  I have a lot to be thankful for, but one more thing.  Dad Bloggers!  I have written a few posts over the last year about Dad Bloggers are Growing In Numbers and Dad Bloggers Unite!  My goal was to get Blogging Dads to join in helping each other and supporting each other.  A few weeks ago I saw a new group on facebook called Dad Bloggers.  It’s a private group right now by invite only and was started by Oren Miller over at  I asked to join and have met many new Dad Bloggers that are friendly and helpful.  They all want the same thing…to help the Blogging Dads community!

A Dad named Brent from Designer Daddy came up with the idea of Dad Bloggers sharing their best posts of 2012, and the response has been great.  I am very proud to be a Blogging Dad and I am proud to be apart of a great group of dads that love their families…and blog about it.

Without further adieu, here are the picks for the Best of Dad Bloggers of 2012.


Looking At My Boy – Oren Miller – A Blogger and a Father

Dear Hypothetically Gay Son – John Kinnear – Ask Your Dad Blog

Why we have kids – Carter Gaddis – DadScribe

Honoring Pearl Harbor – Rob Hatton – Rob Hatton’s Blog

Top 10 Phrases That Will Reduce a Parent To Tears – Dan Nessel – Dad Does

“May Your Song Always Be Sung” – Bill Peebles – ihopeiwinatoaster

Saying Goodbye To “Campa” – Matt Peregoy – The Real Matt Daddy

The Upside of Timidity – Ramon E. Colon – Ray’s Blog

“Dad, Does Our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Have a Penis?” - Kyle James – Rather Be Shopping

Biggest Legends of The West in One Photograph: Fake or Real? – Mike E. Henderson – The Gizzard Stone

toys reflect our story - Vincent Daly – CuteMonster

A Daddies First Miscarriage and the Feelings That Come With It – Keith Hancock – Daddyplace

Raising Children Without A Father Of My Own – Chris Read – Canadian Dad

Spider-Man, My Kids and the Kissing Episode – Andrew Kardon – Mommy’s Busy…Go Ask Daddy!

On holding hands (a meditation on being a father) – Neal Call – Raised By My Daughter

A Sublime Parenting Moment - James Austin – Luke, I am Your Father

The Parenting Wars… Starring Legos – John Willey – Daddy’s In Charge?

Who’s shoes to fill…. - Theron Bostic – Active Duty Dad

Lighting the flame – Olly Du Croz – The P Word

the intro… – Jeff Tepper – Ay yo, Be a Father

Giving from the Heart - James Hudyma – Dads Round Table

In Eulogy: The Father I Never Knew… And How That Pertains To You – Adam Dolgin – Fodder 4 Fathers



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