Get Dad What He Really Wants this Valentine’s Day – A Big Screen Projector.

projectorIt’s an age-old dilemma; what to get for Dad on Valentine’s Day. Does he really need another tie or another golfing figurine? While these “standards” are nice, and they’ll probably illicit a simple “Aww…thanks,” they’re not the kind of gifts that are going to make his face light up and really make him feel appreciated. To accomplish that, you need to think about what gifts get guys really excited – like electronics. And the go-to gifts for dads this Valentine’s Day fall right into that category with home theater projectors.

On a Budget this Valentine’s Day? No Problem.

The first reaction, if you’re on budget (like most of us are), might be, “I can’t afford to be looking at home theater projectors!” That’s because the stigma associated with just about any kind of electronic device these days involves several hundred to thousands of dollars. But, while home theater projectors are certainly not going to fall into the same range as that new tie or desk-top golf trinket, there are many models that do fall into a range that can be considered affordable by most. It’s true that a top-of-the-line projector is going to run a few thousand dollars, but there are also plenty of high quality projectors that cost just a couple hundred dollars and up. Depending upon how much of a “techie” he happens to be, these more budget-friendly home projectors often contain plenty of features to impress and delight Dad this Valentine’s Day.

Top Reasons Dad Will Love a Home Projector for Valentine’s Day

Home projectors are among the top Valentine’s gifts this season for many reasons. First of all, this is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only that, but no matter what Dad’s favorite past-times are, they can be enjoyed in grand style on the big screen in his very own home theater. Does he love to watch sports? He’s going to love it even more on a big screen in HD. Does he love action movies? Video games? They take on a whole new dimension when viewed through home projectors…not to mention with surround sound! All this is in addition to the simple fact that guys love gadgets, and home projectors fit that bill to perfection.

Making Future Gift-Giving Occasions a Breeze

The benefit to you, the giver – aside from the priceless look on Dad’s face when he opens up his new home projector for Valentine’s Day – is that future gift-giving occasions become much easier, as you can always turn to accessories for home projectors or additional video and sound equipment to enhance Dad’s home theater. Like the projectors themselves, these additional pieces of audio-visual equipment do not have to cost thousands of dollars if you just do your product research, watch for sales, and follow up with a little comparison shopping between retailers.

This Valentine’s Day you have the opportunity to surprise Dad with a gift he’ll never forget. Unlike the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug that collects dust in the cupboard, a home theater projector is something he’ll enjoy each and every day – for years to come.

Another great gift that I highly recommend is the Kindle Fire HD.  It’s cheaper than a lot of the other tablets and it’s just as good if not better!


6 thoughts on “Get Dad What He Really Wants this Valentine’s Day – A Big Screen Projector.

  1. Hi Keith,

    Valentine’s Day has never been a big gift-giving day in my home. A simple token of affection and some treats has been about as far as we go. I’d love to have a projection TV, but I “settled” for a 55″ television for myself last year when we decided to upgrade all of the sets in the home. I think that that was the best use of our entertainment dollar. Well that and the networking of the home. The cost of going out, even to a movie, has become prohibitive when you include the prices at the concession area, so spending money on making home entertainment more enjoyable seems to me to be the way to go.

    Are you being treated to a projection TV on Valentine’s Day?

    1. Hey Ray,

      Valentine’s Day isn’t very big to me either, at least it wasn’t until I met my wife. It’s one of her favorite holidays. We don’t buy each other expensive gifts, we focus our money on our family.

      Am I getting a projection TV for Valentine’s Day? No, I wish. LOL But believe it or not, I’m getting something even better. My fourth kid will be here on V Day. We will be having a baby girl. So it will be a very special day indeed in my home.

  2. A home theater projector would be awesome. Not only perfect for video games, but movie nights and sporting event watching. Perfect suggestion as a gift for dad any time of the year, not just Valentines Day!

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