Kid-Friendly Vehicles for Dad

Kid Friendly Vehicles For DadWho says dad has to trade in his cool for a vehicle that’s suitable for a family too? Luckily, in 2013 young families aren’t obligated to trade in the car styles they love for a stagnant minivan.  It’s time to find some Kid-Friendly Vehicles for Dad and the entire family.

Consider functionality when it comes to finding a vehicle that you want to drive, but suits the needs of the entire family. Wide opening doors are great for easily installing and removing car seats while vehicles with back row seats that sit higher than the front seats are great for parents who want to stay within close reach of their kids while they drive. Dark-color interiors hide stains and require less cleaning. Plenty of parents swear by their mounted, back seat DVD players for longer trips.

For the Family Man

The family man is a simple guy whose passion comes from being with his family. For the dad whose taking the kids between ballet, soccer and running errands consider Honda Pilots, Buick Enclaves or the Chevy Traverse.

  • The Pilot has above average fuel economy for its class. Starting at $29,520 the midsize SUV has a maximum cargo capacity of 87 cubic feet. The space is great for families involved with many activities!
  • The Buick Enclave has enough room for eight passengers, with three rows of seating with smart slide. The start price for The Enclave is $38,445.
  • The Chevy Transverse was made to comfortably fit a big family on a big trip. The Crossover starts at $30,510 and offers 116.3 cubic feet for storage, safety features like six air bags and advanced technology.

Go-to for a Green Guy

Dads who care about safety and the environment can choose from any number of family-friendly hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or the BMW ActiveHybrid5.

  • The Prius starts at $24,200 and has safety features like dynamic radar cruise control, lane keep assistance and vehicle proximity notification. Along with state-of-the art safety features the Prius has a fuel economy of 48 city mpg and 51 highway mpg. The Toyota hybrid boasts low emissions, offers in three driving modes and has hybrid synergy drive.
  • The BMW ActiveHybrid5 is a luxury car and starts at $61,400. It offers most of the same safety features as the Prius but includes additional technologies like night vision and head-up display. With Intelligent Energy Management the BMW Hybrid 5 has brake energy regeneration, hybrid start/stop function and 8-speed steptronic automatic transmission.

Options for the Outdoorsman

Some dads need a vehicle that is safe for the kids but can be taken out for weekend adventures.

  • The Subaru Outback offers supreme safety and outdoor driving capabilities. At $29,435 the outback offers symmetrical all wheel drive, brake assist, side curtain air bags, vehicle dynamics control and a built in navigation system.
  • The Ford Escape can tow 3,500 lbs which is great for dads who camp or enjoy motorsports. The Escape also received good scores on every part of the Institute for Highway Safety’s safety ratings.

Cars for a Cool Dad

There are a lot of good-looking sedans that work great for small families.

  • The Volkswagen Passat was named Best Family Car in 2012 by Kelly Blue Book and received a 5-star safety rating from The National Highway Traffic Administration. Consumers Digest also ranked the vehicle as its “Best Buy in Family Cars” for 2013 due to its high-tech safety gear and estimated 43 mpg.
  • In 2012 Aol Autos ranked the Buick Lacrosse as “One of the Best Cars for The Money” in 2012. Starting at $31,660 the LaCrosse is a good-looking luxury sedan made for comfort. With features like side blind zone alert, OnStar and a great safety rating from the IIHS it is perfect for families looking for something posh.


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  1. BMW is convenient and truly family friendly. When purchasing a car, I tend to look for the seats and space. It was important for the kids, so as the safety features of the car. It was nice to know all the units that will suit every type of dads out there.

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