Foster Care

Giving Foster care to children in need of it is a noble and rewarding concept. People who become foster parents help the children in need to find a home and proper care. It means that the care of a ward who is a minor is placed in an institution, a group home or a private home of a “care giver” called foster parents. These Foster Parents have to be state certified “caregivers”. Children are generally placed under foster care by social service agencies or the government.

The system works in such a way that the foster parents, institutions or group homes take the responsibility to care for the children. They are then compensated for the expenses incurred by them. Generally the family courts or child protection agencies make all the legal decisions involving the children and the foster parents see to the everyday needs of the children in foster care.

Today there are many kids all over the world who do not have any stable home or family to take care of them. Adoption is one way that these children can see a brighter future ahead of them. But the adoption systems all over the world can only manage to give homes to a certain number of children. Because of this foster parenting systems help in ensuring care for the children that are in desperate need of it.

When Foster parents decide to care of foster children, it is a very noble and good deed for them to do so. But Foster parenting can also be extremely challenging and one must be fully aware of the responsibilities that foster care includes. Foster parents take the responsibility of children that are very much in need of care. This means that the children might be feeling neglected and unloved at this point. They might be having complexes and might have suffered trauma in the past. Foster Parents should provide love and proper care to the children. More importantly they must provide an environment in which the children can feel safe, loved and taken care of.

Foster children can be of any age and they are often from different types of background. Foster parents need to keep this in mind and then care accordingly for their foster kids. Also foster parents need to evaluate the number of children they can take care of in a way that each child is well taken care of in foster care.

Foster Caring should be done keeping in mind the law and follow the law properly. It is a truly great act to do when one gives a child a home and proper environment to grow in. These children who receive such proper care can look forward to brighter futures for their lives. There are organizations in UK and others around the world who take active part in this noble cause. Capstone is one such organisation whose mission and vision is to provide safe and nurturing foster homes to children and young people to rebuild their lives. And have offices across the midlands and south of England.


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