Dads and Daughters – A Parenting Guide

Fathers and Daughters

Never underestimate the powerful bond between a dads and daughters. A father is a big influence in a daughter’s life and that relationship sets an example for her future relationships. Every dad will always see his daughter as his little girl and will try to protect her in every way. “The father-daughter bond is a prototype for male-female relationships for the daughter and offers positive mental health and self-esteem to the father,” says Frederick B. Phillips, Ph.D., founder of the Progressive Life Center in Washington, D.C.

While you’re little girl is growing up, be with her every step of the way — emotionally and financially.

Addressing Self-Image Issues

Overstated sexuality and vulgarity in mainstream media is what your daughter has to look forward to. Today’s society is riddled with major self-image issues thanks to the women portrayed in TV and movies. It’s your job to teach her that this is not a realistic view of women and that all women, no matter their color, size or shape, are beautiful. Author and Pastor Ed Young touches on this issue in his book “beauty FULL: Becoming More Than Just Pretty.” In his book he uncovers and explains the true meaning of real beauty. “When we value a woman’s physical looks more than her heart and soul, we end up with a desperate feeling of emptiness,” said author Young on his website.

Daddy Dates

The father role is so important. Far too often I’ve come across young women who diminish their self-worth because of daddy issues. The most important thing you can do in your daughters life is be there, according to Never let her feel abandoned. I admit that I am truly a daddy’s girl. I look up to my father in so many ways and always cherish our time together. He’s been an incredible role model in my life and I aspire to find someone like him. And that, dads, is how you want your daughter to feel.

Spend quality time with your daughter. Take her to a dinner and a movie or take a trip to the zoo and point out your favorite animals. Is your daughter a craft queen? Find a fun DIY project you both can enjoy:

  • Visit your arts and crafts store and buy a simple wooden picture frame — you can find some for $1. Have your daughter pick out her favorite colors in paints and scrapbook paper and decorate the frame together! Once dry you can add embellishments like stickers, glitter or rhinestones. Add a photo of you two having the time of your lives, so she can look at it with fond memories.
  • Create a photo frame tissue box. Print four photos and glue one photo on each side of the tissue box. The photos can be anything that makes you two happy: animals, family portraits or past holidays.

Listen, Don’t Judge

If your daughter starts talking about a boy she’s interested in, don’t let your first response be, “I’m going to break every bone in his body if he doesn’t treat you right” or “Where’s my baseball bat?” You don’t want your daughter to be afraid to tell you things, especially when it comes to dating. The best thing you can do is listen to her and express your thoughts appropriately. Transitioning your daughter from puberty to adolescence is emotional. Know that things will get awkward from time to time but open communication and listening to her is important.


2 thoughts on “Dads and Daughters – A Parenting Guide

  1. Wonderful, so true. Never celebrated birthdays our children rec’d gifts just because we loved them!! The great outdoors bring the greatest memories. Dancing started before they could walk, now enjoying savouring every moment with grandsons. Never thought we’d see the day. All they want is your time, attention, most of all love that means being THERE for them. As parents, grandparents the words of Alan Jacksons song Remember When ring so true. We sit recalling wonderful memories over the years. No regrets!

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