How to Decorate Your Child’s Room So They Can Learn


I love decorating the house, particularly my children’s bedrooms. It just transports me back to my childhood and allows me to indulge in all the childish things an adult shouldn’t do and most of all it’s great fun!

When you’re decorating your child’s bedroom, do you ever think about their education? Probably not. I know that didn’t until I heard about how creating the right bedroom could actually help encourage my kids to learn.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Well, firstly, and I was guilty of this, is not to put too much in the room. It’s easy for kids to become overloaded with information, so by kitting out the space with loads of stuff is a bad idea.

Instead, you need to create an organised space that teaches them to respect their belongings and tidy up after themselves. Have a look for unique storage ideas that can make the room look clean and spacious, but also fun.

Using Feng Shui for the perfect learning zone

It’s important that children get their sleep so try to avoid combining education with their bedtime. Instead, create a separate space in their room for learning. You could hop on board with Feng Shui to find the ideal area within the room, after all, what harm can it do?

Also, when painting or wallpapering, try and stick to blues to help with learning, rather than yellow, which is thought to be the hardest colour for the eyes and brain to process.

Starting young

Well it might seem a little bit silly to start designing an education-friendly bedroom for your baby, but they’re never too young. Babies and toddlers are given toys to help them learn, so why not style their bedroom the same?

Don’t expect your little one to be reciting their twelve times table from their cot, but just adding some alphabet blocks to the wall or getting a duvet with something educational on it, a map perhaps, can help reinforce learning.

Get them involved

It may not seem like the best idea from a practical point of view but by getting the kids involved in their own bedroom you’ll make them more inclined to really pay attention to what’s in it. If they like their room they will be more susceptible to the message it gives.

This is a guest post by Sainsbury’s. If you think that colour can help improve your child’s learning and development, why not use their bed to add a splash of colour to their room? Visit the website to see a great range of colourful bedding and duvets.


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