4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Crooks

Burglar SignLittle things you do daily may literally be opening the door to your home to burglars. Home theft may take less than 10 minutes. As a dad, your job is to protect your family at all costs, and ensure their safety.  Here are 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Crooks.

Never Leave Your House Unsecured

When you go for your morning walk, make sure you close and lock all doors and windows. You might think, “I’ll just be gone for a few minutes.” That may be all a burglar needs to break into your home.

Most burglars walk or drive down a street to determine which house would be easiest to break into. They may watch you leave your house and not lock the door. If they have been watching the neighborhood for a few days or weeks, they may even know your schedule.

If you live in a house with a very long driveway, even walking out to the end of the driveway to check on the mailbox or take out the trash could be enough time for a burglar to walk in and take something.

Burglars aren’t interested in stripping your household. They want to take the two or three most expensive things they can walk out with quickly. In the amount of time you’ve walked to the end of your driveway and back, your laptop or jewelry could be gone.

Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

Be careful when you put out boxes from expensive purchases. Many types of packaging can tip off a burglar as to what you may have.

A box for an expensive set of speakers may mean you have a valuable stereo system inside. A box for a jewelry chest can mean expensive jewelry. Boxes for luggage might mean you and family are going on a trip soon and won’t be home. Even boxes for children’s toys might mean a mother who might have jewelry lives in the house.

Keep windows covered, so people can’t see inside. If possible, keep expensive TVs and stereos out of sight. In this day of huge, inexpensive flatscreen TVs, that can be difficult, which might make you consider a home security system. Services such as www.securitycompanies.com can direct you to security companies that can help protect those valuables you just can’t keep hidden.

Control Trash!

Trash is one of the easiest ways to find out about a household. If you take your trash out the night before pick up, you give burglars a window of opportunity to sift through it.

From magazines, they can tell if there is a single man or woman living in the house, an elderly person or a family with children. The mail can tell them the chances of valuable jewelry or electronic equipment, of your financial status, or that you might even have guns inside.

Your trash provides a little biography of you and your family. Be aware of what goes into your trash, and don’t leave it out for someone to get to know you.

Be Aware of the Neighborhood

Talk to your neighbors. Read the local newspaper. Know what’s going on in your neighborhood. For example, a Seattle neighborhood recently experienced 16 home burglaries within less than a week. Some of the homes were hit twice.

Watch for unusual activity in your neighborhood. Find out how the break-ins were done, and make sure your home is secure from the current method being used.

What tips do you have for protecting against burglars? Share them in the comments.

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