Dads Balance Work and Home


As a dad we get so caught up in doing for our family.  Work, work, work.  We have to make money so our family can survive and if we make enough we can have some extra money so our kids can do things or have things that they really want.   It’s on my mind all the time.  I want my kids to be happy and have the things that they want, but in doing so I’m away from them a lot of the time.  I want to spend more time with them and enjoy them and be there for them.  It’s so hard to balance work and home.  Making money for the family or spending time with the family.   I came across a post on a website called and it made me start to think what is really important.  You can Join the discussion at MyDaddyCool and read the post that got me thinking about it by clicking the link.

One member of the site was quoted as saying,

“In 2013 it is so incredibly hard to focus. We are being pulled in a million different directions by a multitude of forces. There are distractions everywhere. One way I have been able to live in the moment and improve my focus is by meditating and practicing yoga. Buy a yoga mat, ear plugs and candles. Tune out of the world for at least fifteen minutes every single day and perform yoga techniques as well as meditating.”

While this might not work for every dad, it is a great example of thinking outside the box and it works for him.

As dads, it’s so hard to balance work and home.  We all want what’s best for our family, but how do we go about it?  What is the right mix for work and home?  Comment and tell us what works best for you and your family.  Share your stories and help other dads out.


One thought on “Dads Balance Work and Home

  1. Combining these two things could be quite challenging, but you have to do it. Or I should use “must” do it. Spending time with your family and especially your kids is something important and should not be overtaken with ease. I guess when you try hard and you help each other it’d be easier and comforting.
    Try to explain them your work or just listen to them. If you can maintain both and even consider their help or your help it would be a step forward.

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