4 Ways to Get Out of the Dog House Fast

These days, who has time to be in a fight? Fighting with a spouse or significant other can drain much needed energy from our already busy lives. When it comes to apologizing, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Tried and true romantic gestures work like a charm and with the click of a button, you’ll be back to good in a flash. There’s something out there to help mend even the most stubborn hearts. Nip that pesky little argument in the bud and get out of the dog house before it becomes your permanent residence.

1. Sweets for your sweet

Days in the dog house can be cold, long and lonely. Getting out of there requires swallowing your pride. For your partner, a mouthful of chocolate should do the trick. We’re not talking convenience store candy here. To do this right, you’ll have to spring for the most decadent, melt-in-your-mouth sweets out there. Go for trusted names in chocolate like Godiva that give your token of affection a hand-picked touch. The best part is you can either pick up your selection of treats from one of their many boutique shops or order them online for a sweet surprise.

2. A bouquet of “sorry”

Do your calls seem to keep going straight to voicemail? Make your love known with a public display of affection she can’t ignore. No woman can resist special delivery of impressive romantic roses delivered at work for all to see. Ordering flowers seems easy enough but without the right flowers or the right timing, this grand public gesture could go very wrong. Contact a professional that guarantees your delivery will be timely and beautiful. FTD.com has flower delivery options ranging from subtle to extravagant and can be delivered the same day. For best results, schedule an early morning delivery to make her feel special all day long.

3. Date night

If your are serious about making amends, you’ll have to replace a bad memory with a good one. A romantic night on the town is just what your significant other needs to fall in love again. Don’t make this another ordinary dinner out. Take time to plan every detail and be sure to crank up the chivalry. If planning isn’t your strength, get help from sites like OpenTable.com to organize a perfect a night on the town. With the ability to make reservations instantly and read customer reviews on the spot, you’ll be back on her good side in no time.

4. Cuddle buddy

Never underestimate the power of cute. Make her feel all warm and fuzzy with a stuffed animal that reminds her of all the cuddly goodness you can provide. Build-A-Bear lets you personalize any stuffed animal to your liking. you can even add custom sound or phrase like “I love you” so she’ll never forget how you really feel. Not sorry enough to spend an afternoon at a kids’ store? Visit their website and they’ll ship it to your sweetie in a darling house shaped box.


9 thoughts on “4 Ways to Get Out of the Dog House Fast

  1. Here’s my tip: do some extra chores around the house. My wife loves it when I unexpectedly clean the bathroom or do some vacuuming. Don’t make a big scene out of it … just do it right and she’ll notice — and any hard feelings will start to thaw.

  2. My girlfriend loves eating! And believe me she is not fat but she is a real food lover. She loves homemade food and the thing that really helps in our relationship is: tasty dinner. Here is my tip: cook your girlfriend something really delicious, may be her favorite meal. Of course, additionally use wine and candles.

  3. So many cliches… If you ask a woman what to do to get out of the dog house fast, she’ll tell you just to be honest and to say you sorry.

  4. A bouquet of “sorry” – I hate to admit it, but this always works on me. How can I say yes when I see him kneeling, watching me with his deep blue eyes and saying “Forgive me, babe! I love you”…

  5. There are many ways to get the woman out of the dog house because every woman is different. The most easiest way is to make your girl filling special and the only one for you!

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