Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen



Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen
Social Life of App Addicted Teens


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16 thoughts on “Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen

  1. Great infographic, Keith! I have a teenager at home and it is pretty difficult with this phone. I am trying to explain her that there are more important things in life then staying all day on social media. Life was easy before the internet era!

  2. I can say only the same as Edith Brown. Great infographic, Keith! I have a huge problem with my girl (teenager) I am really worrying about her and her online friends. I have doubts that she is seeing someone because she is always texting to someone. Her telephone is always in her hand. I am really worrying as I said before. I will glad to hear what other dads think about this problem and the most important is how to reduce the using of the phone.
    Greetings, Mr. Brown

  3. Yes, teenagers are on Internet… as so are most of us. The difference is that adults use social media more responsible. We should teach our kids that being in Facebook or Twitter 24/7 is not the best way to spend your life. Besides, the Net hides danger for teens. It’s our responsibility as adults to keep them safe.

  4. Great infographic!
    I have a big problem with my girl, she is 12 years old and she is on facebook all day. I`m not sure if internet is bad for our kids, because they receive, sometimes, a valuable information that they can`t learn in school. But everything must have a limit.

  5. The facts presented in the infographic are so true. The usage of smartphones by the young teens is scary. Trying to control them is even more. Hope to see some resolution in the near future.

  6. Dean I think that they must prohibit the use of cell phones during school hours. This will be a good start. Because we can not control them at school and at home we can get on with the problem. I know that this sounds like communism, but it`s better for the kids to go and play outside rather than to sit in front of computers.

  7. This makes me sad.. and angry. It’s all about phones and connection without being really connected… I know, I’m old, I’m from another generation, but still…

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