Children and the Arts

Most parents want their children to grow up and become well-rounded contributors to society. Because of this desire, many parents enroll their children in sports teams, tutoring programs and arts programs. It’s a nice idea to enroll the children into many programs to see which ones they gravitate to the most. However, getting your child involved in the arts is really good for their academic development. Studies suggest that the arts help with focus and concentration skills. If you’d like for your child to pick up a flute, tickle the ivories or become a saxophone crooner, there are a few things you can do as a parent.
1. Shadow the lessons.
If it ‘s possible, have a conversation with the music teacher about getting information regarding what was covered in the lesson and how the child is doing. While most teachers don’t allow the parent in the room, they are still willing to keep parents abreast of the student’s progress and the things they need to work on. Many music teachers allow the students to record the lesson and absorb everything they learned that way. If this is the case with your teacher, listen to the playback so you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s musical development.

2. Encourage practice.
Practice makes perfect. Many children don’t like to sit down and practice for hours on end. Truthfully, a lot of parents don’t like to hear the struggling notes in practice either. However, you’ve invested time and money into this craft. If your child is new to the instrument, encourage them to start practicing their instrument and use their music workbooks for 20 minutes every day. After a while, increase the time to 30 minutes. Gradually increase the practice time to an hour every day. The more a child practices, the better they’ll eventually become.

3. Offer praise.
When your child enrolls in a music program, there are usually recitals and concerts to attend. These events are major and should be treated like special occasions. Invite family and friends to attend these programs. Celebrate your child’s great performance and effort by giving them flowers or a dinner date at their favorite restaurant after the event. These little incentives increase a child’s excitement about their musical development.

As your child progresses throughout their musical career, always resolve to be a supportive parent as they will make mistakes at times. Be the best coach you can be and the best advocate for the ones who love you the most.


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  1. Thak you for the post. Is it possible to update the post or make a new one that covers different art, not only playing a musical instrument (like fine arts, singing, dancing…)?

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