What You Should Consider Before Adopting a Dog

If you are like almost half of the homes in the US, you have a four-legged family member. Dogs are our best friends, protectors, foot warmers, and companions. Children often develop special bonds with dogs, particularly when they come into the family when they are both young. Many breeds live from 10 to 15 years; however, some can live to be 18 and even older.

The Bond Between Children and Dogs

As mentioned, the bond between dogs and children is a special type. It is almost as if they know what each other is thinking. They have conversations with their dogs, share their food, and tell them when it is bed time. Some people believe that a child will turn to their dog before others in the family during difficult times. Why this bond is so strong has not been totally explained. With some children and dogs it just happens.

Sacrifices Must be Made for Your Dog

When you bring a dog into your family, you will need to realize that there will be sacrifices that must be made the same as you do for your children. The dog will need attention even when you do not feel like giving it. They will require vet visits, baths and grooming, quality food, a bed, toys, and lots of love. It is not a spur of the moment undertaking. Making the decision to adopt a dog requires commitment.

Boarding Your Dog

Have you considered what you will do with your dog if you need to go away for an extended period of time? Boarding is an option, but you will need to ensure it is a good choice just like you would when looking for a sitter for your children. There are several good choices available. With the technology available today, some boarding establishments even offer webcams. You can see your dog and ensure that they are all right while you are gone. One example of a luxury dog hotel that offers this service is Paw Print Inn.

One of the most important things that must be considered when you bring a dog into your family is that it is an actual living breathing animal with feelings. This is not a decision to be made lightly. Once the dog bonds with you and your family, deciding to give him or her away can be devastating for the dog. Make certain you are ready for the responsibilities that come with adopting a dog.


One thought on “What You Should Consider Before Adopting a Dog

  1. “Sacrifices Must be Made” Exactly. Fur, damaged furniture, poop & piss every now and then…Remember – all these extras comes with the “cute little puppy” package your kid desperately beg you to get him/her ;)

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