Father Power

It’s safe to say that fathers are a child’s’ first superhero. They represent a strong protective force in a child’s’life. Their representation of strength, adventure, and bravery do a lot for children. All these amazing benefits represent father power, the unique and distinctive qualities and benefits that fathers, in particular, provide for their children.

A Protective Force

Quite logically, dads represent a protective force to both the outside world and to their children. Men are perceived as stronger and more shielding than women, based on their size and public image. This alone creates a sense of safety for children. Children feel loved and protected by the silent power emitted by a strong father figure. For example, a father working on a faulty heating and air conditioning conroe unit may allow his child to watch but will make sure that the child is far enough away from harm to remain safe.

Encourage Risk

Fathers both verbally and non-verbally encourage children to take risks. They are able to convince children that they will be there to protect while the child is embarking on a new challenge or risk. This gives the child training wheels to try new things knowing that dad will be right there to catch them if they fall. This encourages children to begin the risk-taking process with the father power insurance policy. As the child embarks upon a new risk or challenge, they do so with full knowledge that dad will be there every step of the way.


Fathers provide firm discipline for children. They aren’t afraid to follow through with consequences and tend not to deviate from the rules they set in place. This creates a firm consistent force for children to recognize and follow. Although fathers don’t discipline as often as their female counterparts, the discipline is often firmer and more direct.

Boisterous Play

Fathers are the ultimate playmates. They have the ability to incite active, boisterous, and often unpredictable play with their children. This creatively teaches children how to handle their bodies and their emotions when they are playing and when they are not. This is an invaluable gift for growing children due to the unpredictable quality of life and the unknown. This style of play encourages children to deal with their bodies and emotions in a healthy manner.

Fathers represent a strong stabilizing force in a child’s life. They are able to play a direct role in the protection, discipline, and risk taking areas of a child’s life, as well as many others. Fathers are superheroes and teachers all in one. They are also an invaluable necessary resource within the family. Father power is the strong far-reaching ability of a dad to love, guide, and direct his children.


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