Protecting Your Family by Preventing Disaster

As a father you have the safety of your family on the top of your list of priorities. You want to keep your home protected against all types of disasters. This includes common accidents that can happen around your house as well as things that are out of your control such as the weather. Use the following tips as a good way to prevent danger from harming your loved ones.

Fire Safety
It is important to keep up to date on the recommendations for fire safety. Each bedroom should have its own smoke detector. Upstairs rooms also need escape ladders. Place a smoke detector in all of the main areas of the house too. Change the batteries when you change the clocks each spring and fall, and create an evacuation plan that every member of the family can follow if a fire were to happen.

Inspect for Danger

Danger is always lurking around your home. Follow safety procedures for all appliances and electronics. Use baby safety equipment to keep little ones safe, and always have a certified electrician do your electrical work. Outside you need to remove dead trees that could fall on your house. Report any utility poles that show signs of age. They should be replaced with treated wood poles from companies like Brown Wood Preserving Co., Inc.

Be Prepared

Natural disasters are unavoidable, but you can be prepared. Gather together an emergency kit for power outages and tornado threats. Fill it with first aid items, a battery powered weather radio, water, and non-perishable foods. The radio will let you know when the storm has passed and it is safe to leave your basement or protected area. Flash lights are also an essential item for your emergency kit as well as plenty of new batteries to power these items.

By doing a routine check of your property you will be avoiding many disasters that can affect your home and family. Keep smoke alarms in place with working batteries, and make sure your wife and children all understand you evacuation plans as well as what to do when the weather turns bad. These simple steps can be the difference between keeping everyone safe or letting harm cross your family’s path.


One thought on “Protecting Your Family by Preventing Disaster

  1. The question here is how to prevent disaster when you can’t really avoid it and you don’t even know when it will happen. The only thing you can do now is to prepare for it and be ready for whatever disaster or emergencies that may come to your place.

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