Why Consider Having Dental Implants


Dental implants play a crucial role in both functionality and the aesthetics of the entire mouth. They can restore and improve a smile and greatly add to the overall mechanics of upper and lower arches. The implants can be fabricated from either metal or ceramic materials and custom made to fit anybody’s existing dentition. In many cases, these dental appliances can securely hold partial and full dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth.

Who is Considered a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

The implants are typically implemented for adult patients who would like to regain the beautiful look of a dazzling smile and improve their everyday capacity for mastication and speech. Below are several requirements for being considered as a good implant recipient:

• The patient is in good health.
• The candidate exhibits signs of excellent home care.
• One or multiple teeth are missing from either arch.
• The alveolar ridges present sufficient skeletal mass to receive implants.
• The patient can tolerate the process well.

The Process of the Dental Implant Therapy

A Brooklyn dental implants team begins the process with a full set of X-rays along with study models and a full review of the patient’s medical history. A comprehensive evaluation follows allowing the dentist to present the patient with the diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. The patient’s expectations are addressed in detail. A dental prophylaxis is typically scheduled as a second appointment to establish a healthy oral flora prior any treatment.

The Length of the Treatment

Once it is established that the patient is a good candidate, the implants are strategically placed within the alveolar ridges. This technique assures the patient’s satisfaction with the final product. The healing time depends on the individual chemistry of the patient and their ability to follow instructions provided by the dentist. The average healing time is statistically predicted to be 3-6 months.

The entire process is closely monitored by the dental team. Once the implants are properly integrated with the surrounding tissues, the patient is ready to receive their restorative appliances agreed on at the beginning of the process, including partial or full dentures, crowns or bridges.

Dental implants are presently one of the most preferred methods of tooth replacement due to their sturdiness, durability and superb aesthetics and can be offered to many patients with the desire for personal improvement of their health.


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