Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim must have evidence that supports it in order to be successful. That is due to the fact that negligence must be proven in a personal injury claim. If a claimant is unable to prove that damages and their injury were the direct result of another person’s negligence, then they cannot be held liable or required to compensate the injured victim for the damages they have sustained.

It is recommended that individuals who sustain injuries in a car accident collect as much evidence as they can to support their claims. There are also some pieces of evidence that must be obtained from outside sources. This is something that the accident victim’s personal injury lawyer can make arrangements for. One of the most important benefits that comes from working with a personal injury lawyer Trinity, Florida is them having access to essential outside sources when a personal injury claim is being pursued.

Evidenced That Can Be Gathered At The Accident Scene By The Claimant

Unless the injury victim is in critical condition and needs emergency medical care, the individual might be able to collect some important evidence at the accident scene to support their claim, including the following:

– Photos of the accident scene including, if possible, photos showing how the accident happened. They can include images capturing the entire scene, that shows the impact of the two vehicles involved, as well as things like skid lines on the road.

– Eyewitness accounts of the accident

– Photographs of the accident victim’s immediate injuries, like bruises and cuts right after the collision takes place.

– Official police report. A copy can usually be obtained within a couple of days after the crash occurred. The report will usually show if there were any dangerous driving behaviors involved, like reckless driving or speeding.

– If possible, all parties involved in an auto accident should exchange insurance company information before leaving the accident scene.

Evidence Obtained Following The Accident By The Claimant

The personal injury victim must also provide evidence that links the accident with their injuries and financial damages directly. They include the following:

– Medical bills

– Receipts for other types of expenses that relate to the injuries, including transportation and over-the-counter medicines.

– Documents from the claimant’s employer which shows any wages missed or time they had to take off from work.

The accident victim’s personal injury lawyer will also be able to gather other evidence to help support the personal injury claim. All of this evidence is critical in helping to ensure the injured individual receives the compensation that they need.


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