Why You Should Buy a Used Car from a Car Dealer, Never from a Friend or Stranger

You probably pass a dozen cars every morning on your way to work, all sitting in front of homes, with price tags in the front windows. However, while these cars and their prices might be tempting to your auto-loving side, you need to keep driving. Buying a car from a stranger, or even a friend, that is a private seller is a decision you should stray from. Instead, opt for professional car dealers. Why? Read on to find out.

Dealers Can Accurately Value and Price the Car You Want

When you need a great used car, dealers can, and already have, accurately valued and priced the exact car you have your eyes on. They have software and apps that can find the price, deduct damage, and upsell renovations, giving you an accurate, non-rip off price that works best for your budget. Of course, you can haggle. As a matter of fact, that’s expected—but it’s easier to haggle with a car dealer than it is to try to drive down the prices of a private seller.

Dealerships Often Have Attached Auto Shops for On-the-Spot Maintenance Before You Drive Off in a New Car

Most reputable car dealerships have auto shops attached to the main buildings. This means there are well-trained automotive techs at their disposal. If there’s a problem with your new car, you have on-the-spot maintenance before that car ever leaves the lot.

Dealer Cars Have Often Been Refurbished, Fixed Up, and Gotten Back into Excellent Condition

Reliable car dealerships want the best for their customers, but with the advantage of making some cash for their business. So, of course, you might pay for a few refurbishments, but most of the fix-ups and renovations are done on the company’s dime. When a dealership gets a car, like  European classic cars, their aim is to make it drivable again, which translates to restoring it to good or excellent conditions for the next owner.

The bottom line here is, you never really know what kind of deals or problems you are inheriting from a private car seller. However, with car dealerships, you can do research into their reputation. There are hundreds of review sites where you can find the best car dealerships in your area—but no such thing exists for private sellers. Use your smarts and snag a good car on the first try from a reputable car dealership.


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