Mailbox Services

While people and businesses rely on email for variety of reasons, there is still a place in the world for traditional, slower physical mail services. For example, mini email newsletters require an address to be listed due to federal spam laws. While this may not be an issue for some, many people would prefer not to list their personal address in the newsletter.

When the situation arises, the easy solution is to rent a mailbox. The rental costs of a private mailbox can range from as low as $45 per month for personal mailboxes to $60 dollars per month for a corporate mailbox. Many of the companies that provide services also include other features such as mill scanning, mail forwarding, fax services, 24 seven access, and mass mailings.

These companies are excellent choices for small business owners that need to use direct mail or other traditional marketing techniques. Multiple studies have shown that direct-mail has a much higher engagement rate then email, so despite the cost associated with sending a large number of letters, this method is effective enough to make up for the cost.

Start by looking for a mailbox service New York. Check out what the associated costs and fees are, and make sure there are no setup fees required. Take a look at what other customers have to say and evaluate all of your options before deciding on a single company.

Once you have signed up for mailing service, take the time to do bit of research into should additional marketing techniques and discover how these methods can help you reach more customers, more quickly. Who knows; using a private mailbox to do your marketing might be just what you need to launch your business to the next level. You’ll never know until you try.


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