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Can’t Keep Up? 4 Ways To Save Money Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

As a stay-at-home dad, you begin noticing things that you missed when you were busy climbing the corporate ladder and making your mark in the world.

For one thing, you begin to take the idea behind the euphemism “domestic engineering” a little more seriously. You understand it on a realistic level, managing your home with the precision of an engineer. One example is seeing your finances in a new way.

Instead of merely paying the bills reflexively, you begin to pay them reflectively. In other words, you reflect on how to make bills more affordable. When you think about it, you can save on expenses like car insurance, car fuel, utilities, and grocery bills.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can pay less for the same quality of life:

1.  How to Save on Car Insurance

You are most likely buying the insurance you do because you saw an advertisement. You took them at their word because it was more convenient than to do your own research.

However, you might be able to get an even better deal by shopping around.

If you plan to buy a new car, compare insurance costs on different types of vehicles before buying. And if you plan to stick with an older car, maybe it’s time to reduce coverage.

After you’ve found a better insurance provider, you can save still further by paying higher deductibles to secure lower premiums. You might also be eligible for discounts because you’ve maintained a good credit history and driving record. Since you might be traveling less, you could look into getting a low mileage discount.

2.  How to Save on Fuel when Driving

While you have no control over how much you pay at the pump other than driving around to find cheaper gas stations, you do have a lot of control when it comes to your driving habits. Here’s the thing: by adopting specific driving habits you can save on how much fuel you need to use at the pump.

Here are three ways you can consume less gas when driving:

  • ·  Slow down. If you drive at the posted driving speed, you’ll not only save on speeding tickets, but you’ll save on gas because the faster you drive, the greater the aerodynamic drag. If you drive at 62 mph rather than 75 mph your car will consume 15% less gas.
  • ·  Prefer a more uniform speed. Drive at a steady speed, and use cruise control when traveling on long, open stretches. Constantly switching speeds consumes more gas.
  • ·  Reduce how often you brake hard. If you’re slowing down and cruising, you have more control of your car, which means that you can anticipate the flow of traffic, accelerate slower and brake more gently. This pattern of driving might increase your fuel economy as much as 20 percent.

3.  How to Save on Utilities

You may live in a state that gives consumers a choice when it comes to electricity providers. If you do, take advantage of the deregulatory scheme and shop around.

Other things you can do are change the way your house consumes energy and your own habits when it comes to energy savings. You can insulate your attic, water heater, outlets and switches. You can apply weather stripping to regulate internal temperatures. And you can install a programmable thermostat and a low-flow shower head.

In terms of habits, you can use a bowl or sink to rinse your razor when shaving instead of running faucet water, turn off the lights when you leave the room, and pack the dishwasher before running it.

4.  How to Save on Grocery Bills

You’ve probably noticed that the price of groceries has been creeping up since the financial crisis in 2007. It’s not enough to make you want to picket your supermarket for more humane pricing, but you do pay more for less.

Here are some things you can do to slash your grocery bills:

  • ·  Quit buying food whenever you run short. Instead make a plan, by preparing a weekly menu. Your kids will appreciate the predictability. This way, you will tend to run out of things at about the same time and you just need to shop once a week to replenish your fridge.
  • ·  Cut back on things that you don’t really need to buy. We’re talking about snacks, treats, or new products that you want to try out.
  • ·  Simplify your meal plan to three meals a day, or six small meals if you prefer. Don’t buy a surplus of food for snacking.
  • ·  Once you’ve developed a food plan, just repeat it. Naturally, a little variation is fine, but you want to focus on identifying the best foods and sticking to those selected choices instead of trying to come up with something original each week.
  • ·  By developing a food plan, you’ll get wise to the best places to buy, what generic products are as good as the leading brands, and what to stock up on.

Save More To Live Better

As consumers, we often equate cost with value. In many cases, this still holds true. But in others, you can get the same or even better value at a lower cost. By saving money on basic costs, you’ll have more available for living better.



How Dads Can Get Healthy Looking Skin

A lot of dads don’t often think about skin care. They have too many other things going on in their day, such as taking care of children, trying to be the best husbands they can be, and juggling the demands of family and work life.

Some put off skin care because they think it’s not a “manly” thing to care about. Yet all men care about their appearance and how well they are able to attract the opposite sex — even if that means just being more attractive to their wives so that they enjoy a more exciting romantic life.

Men can’t follow the same skin care routine as women and expect results. We have special needs and must adapt the appropriate routine.

Here are a few things you can do to get healthy skin as a dad:

Remove Blemishes

Before you start on any sort of routine, take a look at your face. Things like skin tags, moles, age spots and other blemishes can make your skin look older than it is. You should see a dermatologist to determine the severity of the problem, and then you can use simple natural products such as this mole remover, lotions that remove skin tags and more. You can also look towards a variety of other treatments that can reduce the appearance of age spots and other discoloration.

Cleanse Daily

Cleansing your skin every day may seem like an overly simplistic recommendation for healthy skin, but it is such an important yet overlooked step that it must be mentioned.

A lot of men just grab the bar of soap and run it over their face as well as their body while they are showering, but soap is overly drying. It can easily cause your skin all manner of problems. Soap will either dry out your skin, or it will cause your oil glands to go into overdrive and make your skin oily and prone to acne.

Men typically have larger pores than women, so they are prone to more breakouts and other skin problems from dirty skin or overactive oil glands. Choose a cleanser that is both strong enough to get results but gentle enough not to irritate the skin or the oil glands. Cleanse your skin at least once a day.

Exfoliate Regularly

Without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells will accumulate on the skin and cause it to look duller and older. Your skin will look tired even if you aren’t.

Yet too much exfoliation can cause irritation that can cause breakouts and redness. Choose a mild exfoliant, such as a face scrub, and use it a few times a week. Don’t use it every day, or you’ll irritate the skin.

Use the Right Shaving Products

Shaving can irritate your skin like nothing else. If you don’t use the right shaving products your skin will end up dry and bumpy.

Always shave with a proper shaving cream, not just soap and water. The cream will protect your skin against irritation from the razor and it will also moisturize your skin.

Follow up with an aftershave that will both moisturize your skin and help to close the pores, preventing dirt and oil from clogging them.

Moisturize Daily

You may not care about having soft skin, but your lady sure cares if you do. If you want her snuggling against you, make your skin more inviting by moisturizing it.

Moisturizing also makes your skin look younger and reduces the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Use a daily moisturizer after you wash your face, and consider a deeper moisturizer for night time.

Pay special attention to the area around your eyes, which show the signs of aging first. Consider using a special night cream in addition to your daily moisturizer.

Choose a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it so that you also protect your skin from the damaging (and aging) rays of the sun. This also means you won’t have to apply sunscreen separately.

There’s nothing more manly than being irresistible to your lady. One way that you can do that is to create beautiful and healthy skin. You’ll also feel pretty great about yourself when you look in the mirror, and that will boost your confidence in other areas of your life. Use these simple tips to get healthy looking skin.



Killing Time with Casinos – Top Online Games for Bored Dads At Home

If you are a stay at home dad or have a lot of time on your hands, you may have to engage in different hobbies to spend time in an entertaining way. If you have a few extra hours left in your day and aren’t sure of what to do with it you have many options. You can interact with people from all over the world, play cards, and socialize all without leaving your home.


A popular game all over the world, Bingo, is known for its simplicity and excitement. Despite the lack of complex rules or elaborate strategies, bingo remains an exciting game where thousands of people all over the world connect and interact. If you haven’t played bingo before, you will enjoy the simple yet thrilling rounds of this luck-based game. There are loads of websites out there that offer options where you don’t have to deposit. You will receive a 5×5 card with randomly filled out numbers. Each row and column is dedicated to one letter from ‘B-I-N-G-O’. The first to scratch off all numbers or a specific pattern, yells out bingo after which cards are checked and prices are distributed. Continue reading Killing Time with Casinos – Top Online Games for Bored Dads At Home