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Daddy Cool: You Don’t Have To Ditch the Cool When Buying a Family Car

Looking for a new car is always both a troublesome and enjoyable experience. Needless to say, as time goes on, the criteria you use to choose a new car are likely to evolve. When you’re young, it might be the case that you look for something stylish and sporty. As you grow older and wiser, you might look for something more economical with practicality the priority, but that doesn’t mean you have to Ditch the Cool when buying a family car.

One of the biggest factors which helps decide between vehicles is our family.

If you’ve got kids, there are certain things which you simply cannot do without when it comes to a car – back seats, for one thing. That’s not to say that you need to compromise on everything, though.

Green is cool

There was a time when practical considerations did not go hand in hand with the elusive designator ‘cool’. Today, things are different. People all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that our everyday lives are having on the planet. The result is a greater awareness of our ecological footprint.

It’s no longer desirable to invest in an unnecessarily large car, nor is it financially smart with the growing cost of fuel. If you check out the MINI Countryman review you’ll see that it’s able to combine low fuel consumption and emissions with style and practicality.


Taking the kids away

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s going to impress the kids, consider what it is that the vehicle is capable of. As a recent piece in the Telegraph points out, it’s simple enough to take a driving holiday in Europe. This is something which is bound to please your kids but only if the car you take is the right one.

Kids nowadays are more impressed by experiences that they are with commodities. It follows that they are sure to find a practical car far more exhilarating than a flashy sports car. Of course, it today’s car market, it is possible to find something like the MINI which is both practical and stylish in the traditional sense.

Something recognisable

There are a lot of new cars finding their way onto the market each year. Some will stand the test of time when it comes down to style but many will not. As this blog post points out, the MINI Cooper is both recognisable and iconic.

If you’re looking for something which is not only cool now but also cool in ten years’ time. Something iconic is just what you’re after and the MINI ticks this box perfectly.


A Natural Hair Loss Treatment That Works


If you suffer from hair loss and thinning hair then you probably have noticed or even used some of the hair loss products on the market. They all claim to grow or keep what hair you have. Most do not work and leave you frustrated still looking for a hair loss treatment that works.

There is a hair loss product on the market called Fibond that works really well for thinning hair.
Fibond covers the balding area leaving your hair looking thick, full and natural. It blends perfectly
with your hair and will not come off in wind or rain.

Fibond is made of thousands of little natural fibers that bond to the existing hair.
You can be within inches of the scalp and still not notice Fibond from real hair.

If you have thinning and balding hair you will want to give Fibond a try.

Fibond work for both Men and Women.
Check out the before after videos on


How to Decorate Your Child’s Room So They Can Learn


I love decorating the house, particularly my children’s bedrooms. It just transports me back to my childhood and allows me to indulge in all the childish things an adult shouldn’t do and most of all it’s great fun!

When you’re decorating your child’s bedroom, do you ever think about their education? Probably not. I know that didn’t until I heard about how creating the right bedroom could actually help encourage my kids to learn.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Well, firstly, and I was guilty of this, is not to put too much in the room. It’s easy for kids to become overloaded with information, so by kitting out the space with loads of stuff is a bad idea.

Instead, you need to create an organised space that teaches them to respect their belongings and tidy up after themselves. Have a look for unique storage ideas that can make the room look clean and spacious, but also fun. Continue reading How to Decorate Your Child’s Room So They Can Learn


The Importance of Teaching Your Children Manners

But I said Please
Manners are so important, even in a society that doesn’t always seem to value them, or maybe especially in such a society. The absence of common courtesies makes even basic manners stand out. Saying please and thank you and being nice to people is of course important, but the thing that seems most lacking these days is gratitude. In an age where people seem to think that being rude is acceptable and that they are entitled to everything, it is more important than ever to be teaching your children manners and to express their gratitude both verbally and through thank you notes. Manners are not just about being polite; they are an important life skill too.

giving thanks

Manners are about respect. Saying please and thank you, listening to others and not interrupting, and giving up your seat to someone who looks like they need it more than you do, is all about respecting other people. Is this not what you want for your child; that they treat others with decency and respect and then expect to be treated in the same fashion? Manners are not simply about knowing which forks and spoons to use, not that it hurts to be at ease in nice restaurants too. As a father don’t you want your daughter to date gentlemen who treat her well and with a healthy dose of good manners? And wouldn’t it be nice if your son dated ladies who were respectful and polite and was himself a gentleman? Continue reading The Importance of Teaching Your Children Manners


90 Day Workout to get you Ripped

Many people have been putting forth their best effort to develop a lean or even ripped look to their physique. If you are part of this group, you may have been working out at the gym for several hours or longer each week with regular workout sessions, eating a diet low in fat and rich in protein and taking other related steps. These are the steps that most fitness experts will tell you to take when you want to shed body fat and develop muscle mass. However, most people who follow these steps will not see the results that they really want to see. The fact is that often you will need to follow an improved workout routine if you want to see the best results possible. Many who follow the 90 Day Workout from Tapout XT are seeing those improved results.

You only have to watch a few minutes of the workout program featured on the Tapout XT website to see that this is a different type of workout. The exercises that you are taken through with the video sessions are far more intense than other workouts you may experience. They are also expertly designed to provide you with improved results by working different muscles. The 90 Day Workout will give you a more intense and more thorough workout, and this will indeed give you the results that you want to see. If you have been looking for better results, you simply have to use a better workout program. Check out the Tapout XT workout today.