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Equipsupply Won’t Leave you out in the Cold

When the last storm blew into town it caused a power outage that lasted eight days. We had to pack up the kids and the dog and go stay with relatives an hour away. We can manage roughing it for a few days but not when the temperatures are dipping below zero and there are young children in the house.

We decided we will never go through that again and went shopping for a heating alternative. A friend of ours told us about equipsupply and suggested we look for a propane heater. We found a nice selection of propane heaters as well as a few other items that we hadn’t planned on buying, such as batteries and chargers for our lanterns and flashlights.

The customer service team at equipsupply was knowledgeable and informative and helped us make the right decision in purchasing a propane heater for our home. The prices were reasonable and everything shipped quickly and was received on time. My wife called to get some assistance with setting up the heater for the first time. She was so impressed with how the staff handled her questions; she asked me to purchase the new tools I was planning to buy from equipsupply instead of our local home improvement store.

Not only will we be comfortable and warm when the next storm decides to hit, but my wife has found a new place to purchase her tools and supplies from. We’ve told all of our neighbors about our new propane heater and they’re all jealous. I think they’ll be coming our way real soon.


4 Secrets to Inspire Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

housework kid

Picture it: A nicely made bed, the toys are neatly put away and books are aligned on the shelf; clothes and shoes are tucked away and everything is in its place. Is this what you child’s room looks like? In your dreams! Check out these 4 Secrets to inspire your kids to clean their rooms.

In reality, it’s disheveled, if not downright dirty. With the bed unmade and the duvet splayed on the floor, which is also littered with discarded clothes, nothing is in its proper place. You feel like you’re constantly asking (or begging) your kids to clean their room. Eventually, you realize it’s easier to do it yourself or just close the door, out of sight. But that’s not the only option. As parents, sometimes it’s necessary for us to get creative with how we teach our kids to clean their rooms. Give up nagging your child and instead, inspire them to clean their room with these four tips: Continue reading 4 Secrets to Inspire Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms


Donate to Cancer Research

When I found out that my sister had breast cancer, I knew I had to do something to raise money for this disease. One of the things that I decided to do was donate to cancer research. I found an amazing site online that accepts donations easily, and I began holding fundraisers in my community. The first fundraiser that we did was a spaghetti supper. Everyone that attended was asked to donate a small amount of money for the meal, and I deposited this money on the cureLauncher site. There is an area on the site that lets you see how much money has been raised to fight breast cancer.

As soon as I entered my amount, it was credited to the overall total. All of the money that is donated to the site goes to research. There are several cities that the company partners with. I enjoy reading about the latest in cancer research and all that the money is being used for. There are new drugs being researched that cannot be put on the market without the support of people donating money. I have more fundraisers in line to help my sister, and I know that the money I donate will be put to a worthy cause.


5 Tips for Single Dads To Make the Most of Your Weekend With Your Kids

Single dads

Single Dads have the difficult job of splitting custody with the mother of their children. If you’re a single dad yourself, you know that every minute you get to spend with your child is precious and not to be wasted. This post will give you five tips on how to make the most of weekends with your kids.

1. Take them on a picnic adventure.

Whether you plan to bring them to play in the park, a baseball field or any other place where they can get to enjoy playing with you, pack lunch and bring a picnic blanket to share a fun bonding moment with your kids. Let them choose what to do first. They may want to play sports with you sometimes or simply sit and play in the dirt other times. If your kids are small, bring compact, travel friendly toys.

2. Make a trip to the ocean.

Kids love the excitement of going to the ocean. If you live within a near driving distance to the beach, bundle up and go for a fun walk by the sea. You could bring a kite if it’s windy outside. Your children will surely enjoy it. If it’s too cold for swimming, you can still enjoy your time together by collecting seashells and pebbles or throwing rocks in the water. You can also choose to take your kids to a nearby river or waterfalls. Youngsters love to swim in the river and climb on the rocks. Spending time together in the fresh air will get your children building endearing and lasting memories with you.

3. Go to a water park.

This is a great alternative to ocean trips. You’ll find indoor water parks today that are open all year round. A day of splashing and swimming is enjoyable for children, especially during hot days in summer.

4. Plan special activities.

There are various entertaining activities that your kids will love to experience during the weekend. Take them to an amusement park, a public aquarium, a mini-golf course or even a children’s museum. A museum is a safe bet as long as your children will have their hands on activities to do there. Anything that can stimulate their curiosity and interest is good to try. If possible, let them experience a local boat ride every now and then. Taking a ferry is already an entertainment in itself. Ask around and check online for local events in your area such as music concerts and local festivals.

5. Enjoy a day in the backyard.

Unlike the common notion that single dads have to plan something grand and expensive every weekend, simply relishing a day with kids in the backyard is a great idea. Things that we may not think are really special are actually sometimes fantastic treats for them. As long as you’re there interacting and having fun with them as they play, they will surely enjoy the moment.

A day in the backyard usually involves cookouts in the good weather, frolicking in sprinklers or your backyard pool and playing outside. If it rains, you can let your kids join in as you experiment with different recipes in the kitchen. Having fun in the kitchen is a great chance for an extra bonding time away from phones, gadgets and distractions. Cooking together allows you to teach them, and it helps build teamwork. Even if the food turns out bad, the laughter and experience are surely what count the most.

So, there you have it. These are great ways to make each of your weekends memorable with your kids. From simple home activities to thrilling outdoor adventure, there are definitely many ways that you can build wonderful memories together.

Neil Keifer enjoys making good use of his weekends with his son. He enjoys sharing his stories about parenting on different websites. Visit the Dating Website Blog to read more stories and to find out about their services.


Get Kids Extra Music Lessons at Home with

big band practice

School-based music education programs are a great introduction into
the musical arts. But more often than not, the school environment has
its limitations. There simply isn’t enough time during the course of a
single class to provide the kind of in-depth instruction that some
children need. In addition, a child with true musical potential might
face a glass ceiling if they don’t have exposure to musical education
outside of the school setting.  So it’s time to get kids extra music lessons at home.

Finding alternatives to school-based musical education can be a
challenge, but here are some of the possibilities you can consider for
your children:

* Private music lessons.

Private music lessons are the ideal alternative to school-based music
education. Private lessons give the student lots of quality time with
the instructor. Not only that, in a school setting the instructor is
often a “jack of all trades, master of none.” A private teacher, on
the other hand, will be well-versed in both teaching and playing the
specific instrument.

There are many places to find private music instructors, both in the
print world and online. One such resource is, a site
that allows you to locate a private instructor based on your
instrument and location. Continue reading Get Kids Extra Music Lessons at Home with