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A Natural Hair Loss Treatment That Works


If you suffer from hair loss and thinning hair then you probably have noticed or even used some of the hair loss products on the market. They all claim to grow or keep what hair you have. Most do not work and leave you frustrated still looking for a hair loss treatment that works.

There is a hair loss product on the market called Fibond that works really well for thinning hair.
Fibond covers the balding area leaving your hair looking thick, full and natural. It blends perfectly
with your hair and will not come off in wind or rain.

Fibond is made of thousands of little natural fibers that bond to the existing hair.
You can be within inches of the scalp and still not notice Fibond from real hair.

If you have thinning and balding hair you will want to give Fibond a try.

Fibond work for both Men and Women.
Check out the before after videos on


Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing – Out Like a Light

Little Lamb Cradle n' Swing
I haven’t been a dad for long. In fact, it will be 4 months next Tuesday. I remember because not only was my first child born, but I haven’t slept since then…until recently when I discovered the Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing from Fisher-Price. Our adorable new baby boy just doesn’t want to sleep unless his mother or I are holding him, so I began a search for the perfect cradles and swings to lull our restless baby boy to sleep, and this is what I found:

Daddies Deals is a great baby site for dads, and it’s here that I found the solution to our sleepless nights. I purchased the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny. This particular model comes with many different plush critters but I liked the lambs for my son.

It did require some assembly but not too much, and it was easy to do. I was done within about 20 minutes. Once I had it put together, I put little Junior in the body pillow of the swing, set the swing for side to side, kicked on the cricket sounds, and along came the sandman. I can’t tell you how glad I was.

The Cradle ‘N Swing is one of the best swings for the money that I found on the market It’s lightweight and folds down for easy storage and travel (which is great for those weekly trips to Grandma’s house). The base is wide for stability at any of the available six speeds; either the side to side cradling or head to toe swinging. There are three seat positions, too; fully reclined for naps, to fully upright for playtime. Regarding safety, all the clips and hinges for adjustments are completely out of reach for baby.

The dome is mirrored so a baby can look at his or her reflection and gain self-awareness. Surrounding the mirror is an electronic mobile of plush baby lambs to entertain the baby as he drifts off to sleepy land. There are eight soothing songs and three nature sounds with complete volume control. The swing seat itself has a tray with two bead bars and a cute, tethered plush toy to help develop motor skills.

Had I known four months ago that the difference between sleeping and not sleeping was simply four D cell batteries, I would have bought the Fisher Price, Cradle ‘N Swing My Little Lamb a long time ago. All you dads out there struggling to get in a nap, check out my favorite baby site: Daddies Deals . I promise you’ll appreciate it. Since discovering how well our baby sleeps in his Cradle n’ Swing, I think Daddy will put a hammock in the back yard next summer.

Fisher Price, Cradle n' Swing

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Researching Different Vehicles, Buy a Toyota

Toyota Tundra

It can be a challenge to buy a new car or truck. First, you have to decide which make and model to purchase. Some buyers have been thinking about their next vehicle purchase for months or even years before they decide to act on the desire to buy a new vehicle. Others, however, may still be researching different vehicles and comparing prices against factors like consumer ratings, safety ratings, features and performance. Many who have done their homework make the decision to buy a Toyota as their next vehicle. With a closer look at what Toyota has to offer, you may decide that one of this manufacturer’s vehicles meets your needs and is priced within your budget.

Trucks can be luxurious as well as functional, and many buyers want to buy a new truck from Toyota. New Toyota Tacoma truck deals are special offers that can help you to save money on your upcoming vehicle purchase. While some local dealerships may offer deals on their own inventory, you can also check out new Tacoma truck deals offered through the vehicle manufacture by visiting the main Toyota website. There are close-out deals available on last year’s models as well as special offers on pricing breaks and financing offers for the newest model available. If you are interested in buying a new Tacoma today, take time to view the special offers to learn about savings available to you. These money-saving offers make it affordable to buy a brand new vehicle loaded with fabulous features.


SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker – Review

Recently Daddyplace got the opportunity to review the SodaStream Fountain Jet home soda maker.  What a great product.  This would be a great gift to give someone on your Christmas list or as a birthday present!

My family and I love soda and we drink quite a bit, well, I do anyway and so it gets alittle on the expensive side.  We normally by name brand soda because that’s what we like, but SodaStream provides a great selection of different types of soda.  I’m sure that no matter what type of soda you prefer, they have a flavor that’s right on target with it.  Not only that, buy you may find new flavors that you like just as much.  All of those flavors at a fraction of the cost to make at home.

When I got the SodaStream package in the mail we had it opened and setup in minutes.  We had our first soda from it in less than 5 mins and that included reading the instructions (Yes, I do read instructions).   It tasted just as good as any soda that I could’ve bought in the store.

Making soda with this system is incredible easy!  Once you get the system setup you just fill your bottle with cold tap water (or bottled water if you prefer) and screw the bottle into the machine.  Press the carbonating button to carbonate your water (instructions and how many times to press the button are included in the directions of the type of soda you are making).  You will hear a (for lack of a better word) weird noise and that’s it.   Unscrew the bottle from the machine and add your pre-measured syrup to the water.  Some gentle mixing by moving the bottle back and forth and then your done.   How simple is that? Continue reading SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker – Review


NFL Bedding Sets for kids

I have purchased NFL bedding from Image Bedding two times, and I was happy with both experiences. A few years ago, my family moved across the country, so we still for the teams that are from the area where we grew up. Because of this, it is challenging to find NFL items from the team that we like in our current area.

When my son turned 10, we told him he could design his bedroom as a birthday present. He decided that he wanted his bedroom theme to be his favorite NFL team. When I could not find NFL bedding locally, I started searching online. I was impressed with the price and selection offered by

Image Bedding had a great variety of NFL bedding sets and other items that we needed to decorate his room. We were even able to find a team shower curtain to decorate his bathroom!

Once I received the items, I was impressed with their high quality. I have washed the bedding items numerous times, and they are all still in great condition. The colors have not faded, and the sheets did not shrink in the dryer.

We were so happy with the items that we ordered for my son that we placed another order a few months ago. We bought a twin bedding set for my nephew who was going off to college. He was excited to receive the gift, and he contacted us later to say how many compliments he receives about his new bedding. I will continue to use Image Bedding anytime I need more NFL items.