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It’s a Good Time to Teach Thoughtful Gift Giving

Mom and daughter with flowers

Teaching your children different skills and actions is part of parenthood. Every mom and dad will ultimately spend time working on developing a child’s mental well-being as much as his or her physical well-being. When it comes to lessons that you’ll want to teach your children, thoughtfulness and empathy are among the most important. Teach your children to consider the feelings, needs and interests of others before giving a gift or taking any actions, really.

Teaching Children to Observe

Generally, people want to receive gifts that reflect them as an individual. Showing that you love someone means that you understand the personal interests, hobbies or nature that makes that individual unique.

The first skill that a child must learn when giving a thoughtful gift is the power of observation. It’s not possible to give a gift that will resonate with the recipient if that individual isn’t understood. For example, giving a loved one a yoga mat is a poor choice if that individual prefers running or biking for exercise.

Observation is a key part of understanding an individual. If a woman enjoys a glass of wine with her friends on the weekend, than wine gift baskets might be a good choice for that group of ladies. If that women prefers spending time listening to music and chooses not to drink wine, than a CD of a favorite artist is more appropriate.

Look for Special Interests

A special interest is something different from the basic objects that a loved one might enjoy receiving. According to The Cultureist, supporting a small business or giving a gift that’s related to a cause that a loved one supports is a great opportunity to give something meaningful.

Special interests are the areas that stand out as unique when it comes to gifts. Children need to think outside the box and learn to apply observation skills by obtaining a gift that’s truly meaningful for the individual.

When someone you love gives money to a charity or becomes passionate about a specific cause, such as fair wages in impoverished or underpaid areas, focus your gift on those interests. Buy items that set a portion of the profits for donation aside or find companies that are working to accomplish a goal that a loved one can support.

Fall Back on Something Uncommon

When it comes to giving a Mother’s Day gift or similar holiday to that an individual who has everything and doesn’t outwardly support specific causes, falling back on a gift that’s uncommon is a good idea. Uncommongoods.com provides gifts that are personalized and unexpected.

The key to finding a perfectly unique gift is focusing on interests and adding a personal touch to the item. A special note showing love or an item that’s personalized with engravings that are meaningful to the individual is a great touch when it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Even a fun experience, like going rock climbing or enjoying a family spa getaway, is a great gift idea when other ideas become impossible to consider.

Also, giving the gift of a shared joke that is relatively inexpensive will have more meaning to a loved one than a gift that’s expensive. Something that has meaning for two individuals will stand out more than some typical gift.

Giving a thoughtful gift is an art. Parents teach children these skills, so they’re able to make good choices when it comes to finding something that will always be appreciated. In the end, there will be a great benefit for you.


Lisa Belkins’ Post Let Dads Down

good dads

I Love being a dad.  Not just the part about making kids, but the whole “experience”.   I love being “needed” and wanted around.  My children know that I love them, heck, I tell them everyday.  Believe me when I say that, I tell them EVERYDAY.  It’s not something that I have to do, I WANT to do it.

The reason I am saying this?  Years ago, I was married to my ex-wife, a cheater.  I divorced her and fought for custody of my two young boys.  I was awarded custody of them and I have Thanked God ever since then.  I WANTED to be their parent, the one that raised them into being young men and then adult men.  I WANTED to teach them right from wrong, the ins and outs of everyday decision making.  Have I done a good job?  Don’t know.  Some days they make good decisions, some days they don’t.   I guess such as life.  Everybody makes some bad decisions, right? Continue reading Lisa Belkins’ Post Let Dads Down

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3 Baby Care Tips For New And Nervous Fathers

Moms have traditionally occupied the spotlight when it comes to caring for their babies. It’s understandable that new dads might feel intimidated by the task. Whether they’re putting diapers on them, burping them, or simply holding them while they fall asleep, new fathers are often tentative. They fear they’ll do something wrong.

If you’re a new (and nervous) father, rest assured that you’ll be a pro in no time. Here are three baby care tips that will give you a head start:

Tip 1 – Follow Your Instincts. They’re Usually Right.

First-time dads have a common fear when their babies are born: they don’t trust themselves. They’re accustomed to working on cars, firmly holding rusty tools, and neglecting the subtleties of a soft touch. Add to that the stereotype of the novice father giving his kids healthy slices of birthday cake for breakfast and the anxiety seems reasonable.

Trust your instincts. Parenting is largely about trial and error – for both you and your partner. You’ll make mistakes; expect them and learn from them. The worst thing you can do is surrender to your worries and allow your partner to compensate by handling the entire job. Get involved. You’ll be thankful you did when your child grows older.

Tip 2 – Learn Proper Handling Techniques

First, retire the anxiety that you’ll drop your baby. It rarely ever happens. Quite the opposite, you’ll find that holding him is instinctive. The key is to learn how to use your hands in order to properly support him. During his first month, his neck muscles will not be developed, which means he won’t be able to support his head. You’ll need to do it for him.

When you pick him up, slip one hand beneath his shoulder blades. Position your hand so that it’s holding his head while you slip your other hand behind his bottom. Then, lift him slowly.

Tip 3 – Learning To Swaddle

Swaddling is a relatively new parenting technique for soothing and comforting a fussy or frightened baby. Here’s how to do it: lay a small blanket on the floor and fold it so that it looks like a 3-pointed diamond. Position it so that one of the points is at the top. Fold that point down a fourth of the way. Next, lay your little one on his back and position him so his head is above the fold.

Loosely wrap the right end of the blanket over his right arm and place that arm on his chest. Then, bring up the point at the bottom so that it covers his feet. Lastly, wrap the remaining portion of the blanket (on your infant’s left side) around his right arm. A few tucks here and there, and your baby will feel as if he’s back in his mother’s womb.

Remember, parenting is a challenge as much as it is a joy. As a new father, look forward to the adventure of raising your baby. With a little attention and a lot of love, you’ll soon leave your first-time parenting fears behind you.