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The Importance of Teaching Your Children Manners

But I said Please
Manners are so important, even in a society that doesn’t always seem to value them, or maybe especially in such a society. The absence of common courtesies makes even basic manners stand out. Saying please and thank you and being nice to people is of course important, but the thing that seems most lacking these days is gratitude. In an age where people seem to think that being rude is acceptable and that they are entitled to everything, it is more important than ever to be teaching your children manners and to express their gratitude both verbally and through thank you notes. Manners are not just about being polite; they are an important life skill too.

giving thanks

Manners are about respect. Saying please and thank you, listening to others and not interrupting, and giving up your seat to someone who looks like they need it more than you do, is all about respecting other people. Is this not what you want for your child; that they treat others with decency and respect and then expect to be treated in the same fashion? Manners are not simply about knowing which forks and spoons to use, not that it hurts to be at ease in nice restaurants too. As a father don’t you want your daughter to date gentlemen who treat her well and with a healthy dose of good manners? And wouldn’t it be nice if your son dated ladies who were respectful and polite and was himself a gentleman? Continue reading The Importance of Teaching Your Children Manners


Spanking? Right or Wrong?

As a dad, I have always heard there are parents that spank their kids and there are parents that don’t.  Both sides think they are right and that the other is bad.

I am so curious what other dads think.  I hope to get alot of comments on this just to see how many do and how many don’t.  As a child, my parents did spank me and I do believe that it helped me learn right from wrong (and no I didn’t think that at the time I was young. LOL).

As a dad, I have spanked my kids, but only when it was last resort.  I have 3 great kids and they do know right from wrong, for the most part, but as a kid it is a learning experience.  I’m sure they will keep learning as time goes by.

So, please comment away and weigh in on your thoughts about spanking.