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Call a Plumber For Emergency Repairs


A water pipe can break or a toilet can overflow in an Illinois home, and when you have children to take care of, it is imperative to fix a plumbing problem right away. Fortunately, there are Fox Valley plumbing companies that have certified plumbers who can respond to emergency calls within minutes. It is important for a homeowner to know where a property’s main water valve is located so that he can turn off the water immediately to prevent additional moisture damage. While waiting for a plumber to arrive, you can also remove items from the work area so that the plumber can begin to make a repair to a toilet or water pipe.

A Plumber Will Provide a Written Estimate

A plumber will determine what is wrong with a fixture or pipe before giving you an estimate for her services. The charges from a plumber will include the cost of new parts and labor. In most cases, a plumber can make a repair in one service call because she keeps her van filled with extra parts and supplies, but occasionally, a plumber will need to source a fixture from a warehouse. To help a plumber work efficiently, keep children and pets away from the work zone.

Plumbers Can Replace Water Heaters

It is easy for a plumber to replace a water pipe or dislodge a clog from a toilet, but when there is a bigger problem such as a leaking water heater, you will need to have a team of plumbers. Replacing a water heater can take a few hours because it requires turning off the natural gas or electricity before emptying the tank. The entire water heater requires removal, and in some cases, a plumber will need to replace the intake pipes.

Replacing Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures

The fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom can also degrade, and a plumber may recommend replacing an item such as a sink, bathtub or toilet rather than making expensive repairs. Before replacing a plumbing fixture, the plumber will protect a room’s floor, countertops or walls with plastic tarps. During this type of plumbing repair, the plumber may need to turn off the entire building’s water to prevent moisture damage from leaks. After completing a plumbing repair, a plumber will verify that the equipment is working correctly before cleaning the work area.