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Dads Balance Work and Home


As a dad we get so caught up in doing for our family.  Work, work, work.  We have to make money so our family can survive and if we make enough we can have some extra money so our kids can do things or have things that they really want.   It’s on my mind all the time.  I want my kids to be happy and have the things that they want, but in doing so I’m away from them a lot of the time.  I want to spend more time with them and enjoy them and be there for them.  It’s so hard to balance work and home.  Making money for the family or spending time with the family.   I came across a post on a website called mydaddycool.com and it made me start to think what is really important.  You can Join the discussion at MyDaddyCool and read the post that got me thinking about it by clicking the link.

One member of the site was quoted as saying,

“In 2013 it is so incredibly hard to focus. We are being pulled in a million different directions by a multitude of forces. There are distractions everywhere. One way I have been able to live in the moment and improve my focus is by meditating and practicing yoga. Buy a yoga mat, ear plugs and candles. Tune out of the world for at least fifteen minutes every single day and perform yoga techniques as well as meditating.”

While this might not work for every dad, it is a great example of thinking outside the box and it works for him.

As dads, it’s so hard to balance work and home.  We all want what’s best for our family, but how do we go about it?  What is the right mix for work and home?  Comment and tell us what works best for you and your family.  Share your stories and help other dads out.


5 Frighteningly Healthy Halloween Treats For School-Age Kids


There’s no better way to ruin your healthy kick than with a series of sugar-laden Halloween festivities. This is a dangerous time indeed, and not just in terms of ghosts and ghouls! With all the sweet treats floating around, the maintenance of good oral health is more difficult than ever. As the experts from Kool Smiles point out, brushing those teeth is not enough to maintain a healthy and attractive smile; a healthy diet is also a necessity. But depriving your kids of Halloween treats can wind up backfiring, as they’re likely to get their hands on candy one way or another. Dressing up healthy alternatives in a creative and spooky manner can encourage kids to keep their Halloween festivities frighteningly healthy. So take a look at these 5 Healthy Halloween Treats for children.

Apple Lantern

Image by kellinahandbasket via Flickr.

If you’re on the hunt for an easy way to add interest to your child’s pre-Halloween school lunch, all you need is an apple and a knife. Instead of simply chucking the apple into the lunch bag, use your knife to etch the iconic triangle eyes an evil grin of a jack-o’-lantern. Older children can also participate in this food decoration project.

Hat Sand-Witches

Round out that Halloween school lunch by spicing up that traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All you need are the usual sandwich ingredients, plus a knife for cutting the sandwich into the shape of a witch hat. For a delicious at-home alternative, make a grilled cheese sandwich and then complete the same wizardry with your bread knife.

Fruity Eyeballs

This simple eyeball recipe checks all the necessary boxes for a good Halloween snack; it’s easy to prepare, incredibly nutritious and tasty to boot! All you need is a banana or two, plus dried apricots and raisins. Cut up the banana into small, round pieces and then have your kids place dried apricots on top of these slices. The pupils of the eyeballs can be formed from raisins, which are then placed on top of the apricots.

Healthy Popcorn Balls

Here’s a classic Halloween treat that not only can you prepare with your kids’ assistance, you can also pass them out to ensure that trick-or-treaters also get their dose of healthy food. Use an air popper to ensure that your snack is low on calories. And instead of the usual corn syrup, healthy eating experts from the Organic Authority suggest heating up half a cup of honey, one stick of butter, a pinch of cinnamon and two tablespoons of olive oil in a saucepan. Next, coat the popcorn and shape into balls with your hands. For a unique twist, throw in raisins, dried cranberries or peanut butter.

Spider Web Pita Pizza

If you’ve ever fallen for the temptation of skipping the meal preparation process and tossing a Lunchable box in a backpack, you’ve likely laid eyes on the highly-acclaimed (among kids, that is) Lunchable pizza. But with minimal effort, you can put together your own healthy and Halloween-themed version of this school lunch classic. Use a round pita pocket as the base, and then spread tomato sauce on top. Take strips of string cheese and place on the pita in a radial pattern to create the web. You can either leave as is or pop it in the oven for a minute or two in order to melt the cheese ever so slightly.


How an Unsecured Wireless Network Endangers Your Home

Happy kids playing laptop at home

As much as parents like to that think their children are safe and sound at home, the home can actually be a dangerous place. As a parent, you may blindly be exposing your child’s personal information, including contact information, school and home address, birth date, and Social Security number, by using an unsecured wireless Internet network.

Unsecured Network Risks

Every time you or your kids log onto an unsecured Internet network, you’re opening up your home to hacking, theft and other cyber crimes. Tech-savvy criminals are experts at pulling your personal information off of your unsecured home network. They don’t even have to use a password for access. Your bank account information if you bank online, your credit card numbers if you shop online, your home address, and your Social Security number all become vulnerable.

Children are particularly vulnerable to online attacks because cyber thieves can take their names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and home addresses in order to assume their identities and open credit cards in their names. Identity theft can ruin your child’s credit and financial future for years without any knowledge. Hackers and thieves can also install programs onto your unsecured network and record every time you press a key on your keyboard. Then when you enter your bank account number or email password into your computer, a hacker instantly has that information.

What else is at stake? Predators can find out email addresses, cell phone numbers, where your children live, the school they attend, where they like to hang out, and what social media networks they use — all over an unsecured home network. Why take the chance?

Secure Network Safety

If you can access your Wi-Fi network at home without punching in a password, you have an unsecured network. Protect your Internet router’s security by setting the router up with a login and password, preferably a WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access). It’s more secure than the old WEP key that used to be the standard for router security. Using a WPA2 requires that you set up a random pattern of letters and numbers as your password, which makes it nearly impossible for potential hackers to break into your network.

Setting up a WPA2 key requires a firmware update. Internet Providers shares an excellent tutorial on firmware updates on their website www.internetproviders.com. You can also change your router settings so that your Service Set Identifier (SSID) is no longer publicly broadcasted. If your kids want to access the Internet, they will have to get the SSID from you on a case-by-case basis. Not only will this help keep them safe, but it will give you more control for when your children go online. Your job is to keep your children safe and help them make smart decisions, whether they’re at home, in school, with their friends, or online.


3 Ways to Support Exceptionally Bright Teens for the Future


Bright Teens for the Future

Motivating and challenging exceptionally bright students in a traditional academic environment can be tough. A solution can come from the Internet and social networking. In an effort to keep talented students thriving, Brilliant.org, “an online hub,” offers “the world’s most promising young minds” a space to globally connect, academically socialize, and measure their understanding of concepts, spotlights GPB News. Brilliant.org strongly focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topics. Students can connect with one another, face challenges and discover opportunities through national competitions, job offerings and internships.

If you want to prepare your young student for the above-average path that includes opportunities such as Brilliant.org, enhance their minds and help them reach their intellectual capacities in the following ways.  So, here are 3 Ways to Support Exceptionally Bright Teens for the Future.

Online Studying Flexibility

For students struggling with the social environment of school, online education can provide the opportunity to focus on education and build a challenging environment for themselves. Taking supplemental courses or earning a high school diploma online is ideal for students who prefer independent learning or managing their own responsibilities and coursework. More importantly, online education enables students to work at their own pace and be more proactive and interactive in their own education. Penn Foster Facebook aims to keeps students involved by consistently updating about live online seminars, news surrounding the school, and student successes. From online class studying to academic-related social networking, students take control of their learning experiences. Continue reading 3 Ways to Support Exceptionally Bright Teens for the Future


Your Baby in Danger: 5 Common Car Seat Mistakes

Baby in car seat for safetyBabies need to be in car seats. Basic information for parents, right? But did you know that 72 percent of people don’t use car seats correctly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Proper car seat safety requires more than buckling your precious cargo into a car seat. Check out these common car seat mistakes to avoid so that your little one is always protected.

Old Car Seat

Avoid using hand-me-down car seats. Car seats actually have expiration dates — usually about six years after they were manufactured. Past the expiration date, the plastic starts to slowly decompose, and the car seat will under-perform in a crash. Also, you never know if a used car seat was involved in a previous crash, which makes it no longer effective. Continue reading Your Baby in Danger: 5 Common Car Seat Mistakes