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Projects with Dad: Creating Cardboard Castles

As father’s day fast approaches I have found myself reminiscing about all the fun things I did with my dad as a child. My absolute favorite were the projects; whether it was building a pillow fort or making wooden swords, I loved spending time with my Dad while we worked on some project or another. As the modern world seems to get busier and busier it can be hard for parents to find time to spend with their child. It is even harder to spend quality time when you are competing with video games and tv programs for your child’s attention.

In case anyone doubted, recent studies have proven the importance of imagination in a child’s development. It is not just playing, imagination actually helps them learn how to understand their world and empathise with others. So, why not suggest a project that you and your child can do together? Why not choose something that will help kick start their imagination and allow you to spend time with them as they develop? Why not suggest building a cardboard castle large enough to play in or a Cardboard Color House? A cardboard castle can be easy, fast and cheap to build. Your child can let their imagination run wild in a cardboard castle whether they decide to take care of their horses there, become a princess, a knight, a cook, or all of them by turn. Castles are an ideal setting for imaginative play because they allow so many possibilities while instantly transporting the inhabitants to another time and place. Here are a few ideas for starting your cardboard castle project.

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