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Stay-at-Home Dad: Can You Make It Work?


The thought of handing your young child to a daycare provider each day may cause your stomach to flip. Sure, you can find quality childcare providers who will love and care for your kids. But there’s nothing like taking care of your own.

After much discussion, you and your wife may decide that it’s best for one parent to stay home with the kids. But which one?

Although mothers are traditionally the stay-at-home parent, more and more fathers welcome this role with open arms. In most cases, it’s pure economics. Some wives earn more than their husbands, thus in a better position to support the family. But regardless of who decides to quit their job and stay home, going from a dual income household to one income is a major adjustment. Here are four tips to make it work.  Continue reading Stay-at-Home Dad: Can You Make It Work?


It’s a Good Time to Teach Thoughtful Gift Giving

Mom and daughter with flowers

Teaching your children different skills and actions is part of parenthood. Every mom and dad will ultimately spend time working on developing a child’s mental well-being as much as his or her physical well-being. When it comes to lessons that you’ll want to teach your children, thoughtfulness and empathy are among the most important. Teach your children to consider the feelings, needs and interests of others before giving a gift or taking any actions, really.

Teaching Children to Observe

Generally, people want to receive gifts that reflect them as an individual. Showing that you love someone means that you understand the personal interests, hobbies or nature that makes that individual unique.

The first skill that a child must learn when giving a thoughtful gift is the power of observation. It’s not possible to give a gift that will resonate with the recipient if that individual isn’t understood. For example, giving a loved one a yoga mat is a poor choice if that individual prefers running or biking for exercise.

Observation is a key part of understanding an individual. If a woman enjoys a glass of wine with her friends on the weekend, than wine gift baskets might be a good choice for that group of ladies. If that women prefers spending time listening to music and chooses not to drink wine, than a CD of a favorite artist is more appropriate.

Look for Special Interests

A special interest is something different from the basic objects that a loved one might enjoy receiving. According to The Cultureist, supporting a small business or giving a gift that’s related to a cause that a loved one supports is a great opportunity to give something meaningful.

Special interests are the areas that stand out as unique when it comes to gifts. Children need to think outside the box and learn to apply observation skills by obtaining a gift that’s truly meaningful for the individual.

When someone you love gives money to a charity or becomes passionate about a specific cause, such as fair wages in impoverished or underpaid areas, focus your gift on those interests. Buy items that set a portion of the profits for donation aside or find companies that are working to accomplish a goal that a loved one can support.

Fall Back on Something Uncommon

When it comes to giving a Mother’s Day gift or similar holiday to that an individual who has everything and doesn’t outwardly support specific causes, falling back on a gift that’s uncommon is a good idea. Uncommongoods.com provides gifts that are personalized and unexpected.

The key to finding a perfectly unique gift is focusing on interests and adding a personal touch to the item. A special note showing love or an item that’s personalized with engravings that are meaningful to the individual is a great touch when it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Even a fun experience, like going rock climbing or enjoying a family spa getaway, is a great gift idea when other ideas become impossible to consider.

Also, giving the gift of a shared joke that is relatively inexpensive will have more meaning to a loved one than a gift that’s expensive. Something that has meaning for two individuals will stand out more than some typical gift.

Giving a thoughtful gift is an art. Parents teach children these skills, so they’re able to make good choices when it comes to finding something that will always be appreciated. In the end, there will be a great benefit for you.


Poolside Safety For Children

Summer is just around the corner! For kids, nothing beats spending a hot summer day by the pool after the winter blahs. Besides being fun, swimming is also great exercise and a good way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Unfortunately, if proper precautions aren’t taken, a fun day of swimming can turn into a tragedy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury death among children.

Keep your kids safe by following these important tips:

Sign them up for swimming lessons

Kids who know how to swim are safer in the water. Formal swimming lessons will help your child become more comfortable in the water, learn about water safety, become confident swimmers, and learn how to tread water. Low-cost lessons are offered in most communities by the YMCA or local Parks and Recreation centers. Your kids can start swimming lessons as toddlers and work their way up through advanced levels each year.

Supervise children around water

Children should be closely supervised by an adult at all times near water—including bathtubs, swimming pools, rivers and lakes. Many children drown without an alerting scream or splash and every second counts. So, even when there is a lifeguard present, keep a close eye on your children and avoid distractions like reading and talking on the phone.

These are not adequate substitutions for adult supervision:

·  Flotation devices such as noodles and water wings

·  Older children watching younger children

·  A distracted adult

·  An adult periodically looking out the window at the pool area

·  Anyone who is drinking alcohol

Teens and young adults should always have a buddy when swimming.

Make your backyard pool safe

If you have a backyard pool it is extremely important to install barriers to make it safe for your children and also neighborhood children. Check your local ordinances, but the CDC recommends a fence at least 4 feet tall with self-closing and self-latching gates. In addition, you’ll want to use alarm systems for extra safety.

Make sure to have proper safety equipment like life hooks, poles and rings. Have a working phone nearby to call 911 if necessary and learn CPR. Be sure to keep your pool drains in good working condition to avoid the risk of entrapment.

It is important to protect yourself with adequate insurance to cover the liability of a pool. Remember, you may be held liable even if someone sneaks into your pool without permission and drowns.

Think about safety when your kids are with friends

Remember to protect your children even when they aren’t in your care. Be cautious about letting children spend time at a friend’s home if there is a pool or they’ll be going to a pool. Certainly make sure safety precautions are in place and that your children will be properly supervised by an adult.

Swimming pool accidents may involve only minor injuries. Unfortunately, many times the accidents lead to life-altering injuries or even death. Should your child ever be injured you may need to consult a swimming pool accident lawyer for help, as legal liability issues can get thorny.

Hit the pool!

Don’t let the risks deter you from taking your kids swimming this summer. The CDC is a great resource for more safety tips.  By following safety precautions you can keep your kids safe while they have a great time swimming this summer!


How to Make It on One Income

Quitting your job and staying home with your children may seem like a dream. You may calculate how much you spend on your mortgage, utilities and other monthly expenses. After crunching the numbers, you may come to the realization that your lifestyle might require two incomes – both you and your spouse working. However, that is not always possible, sometimes mom cannot work or often single Dads are left with carrying the entire financial burden.

Working full-time with a family can be exhausting and stressful. Burnout is common in this situation, and for some dads, giving up their careers is not an option. Living on a single income can be challenging, but it is possible especially with effective budgeting. Below are some ways to reduce costs and learn how to make 1 income work.

Evaluate Your Housing Expense

Your mortgage or rent is likely your biggest household expense. And if you could reduce or eliminate this monthly cost, staying home becomes a reality. While you’re not likely to eliminate housing, you can reduce how much you spend. Selling your current home and moving into a smaller, cheaper place or looking for a less expensive rental can save you money each month. Additionally, refinancing your existing mortgage and acquiring a lower interest rate can also reduce your housing costs. If you are paying for space that you absolutely don’t need then you might be just wasting money!

Never Pay Full Price

To survive on one income, you need to change your mindset. For starters, get into the habit of shopping sales and clearances. There is no shortage of coupons, discounts and promo codes for practically everything.

Look for Free Entertainment

If you decide to quit your job, there may be little income for extras such as vacations and other family activities. However, you don’t have to spend money to have fun. Look around and you can probably locate many free, family fun activities. Spend the day at the park, go for a hike, or visit a local campground. And if free activities are limited, enjoy low-cost activities. These can include museums, concerts, craft shows and local plays. Checking online for savings. You might locate discounts for entertainment and activities.

Use Your Credit Card Rewards

Using a rewards credit card is another way to save money. For every dollar you spend, you can earn cash back or reward points. If you use your credit card to cover your mortgage, groceries and other monthly expenses, you’ll accumulate points faster. Of course, this method works best if you pay off your balance in full each month. Accumulate enough points and you can redeem your reward for hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, gift cards and much more. This is an excellent way to save money on future vacations, as well as a acquire gift cards to purchase items you need for the house.

Saving money is easier than you think, and living on one income is very doable. Make use of these tips and consider other ways to save money. You do not necessarily need to make large sacrifices to pull this off, you just need to be smart with your spending.


6 Ways to Help Fathers Spend Quality Time with Their Kids

Help Fathers spend quality time with their kids

In today’s modern times, the home is no longer solely the domain of the housewife and mother; fathers are spending more and more time at home with the children. Although progressive and beneficial to both parents and children, this extra quality time does raise a few issues for some fathers – in particular, what to do with your hyper-active and easily bored offspring?

Here are 6 ways to help fathers spend quality time with their kids.  Check out these handy activities that should keep both adults and children entertained for hours.

Adventure walks

This is especially fun during the summer when the days are longer, warmer and lighter. Make a game of your walk and set up a flower or animal Bingo game, with the children ticking off each one as they see it. Or make up a story as you go with the youngsters acting out the parts you create. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare – your kids will just love playing along with Dad.

Attention-friendly crafts

Let’s be fair here – most dads will not list arts and crafts as one of their strong points but that doesn’t mean you have to give the idea a miss completely. Think about things you can do, whether its making fairy cakes from a kit, drawing monsters or cars with crayons or building Lego cities, as long as you keep it simple and fun, your little ones will stay entertained for hours.

Make chores a game

So there will be times when grown up tasks intrude on play-time, but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop there. If you have housework or duties to do, get your children involved and not only will you get finished faster, but you can have a laugh as you go. Try a time trial to see who can tidy their room faster, or who can stack the books on the bookshelf in alphabetical order, with prizes for the winner.

Embrace technology

There are many parents who believe new technology is keeping youngsters from playing outdoors and, while this may be true to a point, it is not always possible to get out and about with the kids. If the weather has scuppered your plans for a day out and the colouring activities and board games just aren’t cutting it anymore, why not try something new. Most children these days have embraced new technology willingly and gadgets such as tablets and smart phones have opened up worlds to them. Rather than ban them from this entertainment, get involved yourself. There are some great drawing apps, guessing games and puzzles to enjoy and, when the little ones are tucked up in bed; you can explore sports highlights, news stories and online gaming, such as Free Machine Games

Share their interests

To be honest, most children won’t care what they’re doing, as long as you are involved. Giving the children and game and then leaving them to it won’t last long and soon they’ll be after your attention, perhaps negatively by fighting or playing up. Keep yourself involved in whatever activity you are doing and you’ll find it easier to keep their attention focused.

Team up with other dads

When all else fails, call in reinforcements! Band together with other dads and come up with group activities that will keep everyone happy. Children play great together when giving room to do so, so try your local park or adventure playground and let them run free while you and the other dads take a well-deserved break!