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9 Biggest Mistakes when Travelling Overseas for the First Time

[IMAGE CREDIT: Some rights reserved by yukop]
Travelling overseas can be a wonderful experience. Not only can you experience another culture with its own language, history, and cuisine, overseas travel helps to put life at home into perspective, as well. Whether it’s a castle tour in Germany or visiting the rain forests of Brazil, traveling overseas can be a wonderful adventure.

Yet, when you’re doing it for the first time, you can wind up making some mistakes that can cost you big. Watch out for these travel mistakes if you’re planning on heading out of the country soon:

1.  Exchange rate troubles. You need to be able to conduct business in the currency of the country in which you’ll be traveling. There are a number of convenient places to exchange your currency – such as airports and hotels. Unfortunately, you pay for the convenience. The exchange rates are worse – often much worse – at these locations. Your best bet is to do a little bit of research before you go, and perhaps even exchange your currency before you leave. In a worst case scenario, choose a major bank or an ATM in the destination country for more favorable rates. Continue reading 9 Biggest Mistakes when Travelling Overseas for the First Time