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Title: Do Stay At Home Dads enjoy being a SAHD?
Post by: Keith on March 18, 2012, 06:33:56 PM
As the title asks, do stay at home dads enjoy being SAHD's?

I am not a SAHD, however I was a single dad for quite awhile and I enjoyed that.  My kids stayed with my mom while I worked and I had to work to pay the bills.  I did get child support, but believe me it wasn't a lot.

I have often thought about being a stay at home dad and I truly think I would enjoy it, however in our home, my wife is the stay at home parent

I'm curious to see if stay at home dads enjoy it and if so, what do they enjoy about it so much.  Is it the time that they get to spend with their children or just being at home.   So stay at home dads, speak up and let us know.

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Title: Re: Do Stay At Home Dads enjoy being a SAHD?
Post by: TrekkerDad on March 29, 2012, 09:48:27 AM
I can truly say being a full-time SAHD is the most rewarding and enjoyable job I've ever even imagined. I feel that it's my Calling. It's what I'm supposed to be. What I enjoy is the time I get with my children. The first time my son walked, he walked to me. When one of them gets hurt, they run to me. I have tea parties with my daughter and play with cars with my son. My daughter is my helper on household projects and crafts. Oh, and cleaning up after her brother. And I really enjoy being able to take care of my wife. She gets so busy with work that she forgets to eat if I don't remind her. Being able to take care of my family on a daily basis is great. I enjoy seeing how far I can go with it. I bake, I cook, I clean, (I make my wife do the laundry), and I figure out ways to drag my wife out of her office surreptitiously so I can get her to change my son's worst poopy diapers.

I get annoyed at being home all the time, though. But my wife suggested we put the kids in our church's "Mommies Day Out" program. They go for 5 1/2 hours two days a week. I drop them off and get to head to the gun range for a few hours. That helps with the cabin fever. My male need for accomplishment gets satisfied by baking biscuits that are better than my Mama's, or by making my wife tear up when she sees the birthday cake I made her, or by doing home improvment projects. My daughter loves to be my helper. She likes it when I explain how things work and what the various tools are for. She knows how to change the filters in the HVAC and can reset the garbage disposal if need be. Knowing that I taught her those things reminds me that I'm doing worthy work. Which is necessary every now and then when my family or my wife's family make comments about how I'm a deadbeat or how we must be struggling financially because I don't work, etc. Funny thing is, we're better off now than ever.

So basically, I enjoy pretty much everything about being a SAHD.

Well...except for my boys poopy diapers. That kid can produce a mess that'll turn the strongest stomache! :biggrin:
Title: Re: Do Stay At Home Dads enjoy being a SAHD?
Post by: JacksDaddy on January 24, 2013, 03:04:30 PM
No.  I don't to be honest.  I used to enjoy being at home with my son and it was real calm and quiet.  Now he is 4 and we have the baby who is just past 1.  He still demands all of the attention he wanted as a child and I am unable to give it to him.  Plus, he's past the terrible two's and three's and is now at the f-ing four's as I like to call them.  He is a monster and doesn't listen to a damn thing I say.  Very much looking forward to getting him back into pre-school so I can have a break in the afternoons.  Ever since the move back to WA we had been tight on money, but we finally sold our AZ house which gives up a bunch more money a month to deal with.

I love my kids, but this isn't exactly the job I want.  I'd have a ton more patience for them if I were working all day and then came home and spent 4 hours or so with them. 
Title: Re: Do Stay At Home Dads enjoy being a SAHD?
Post by: Keith on January 30, 2013, 04:40:43 PM
It's not for every dad Ryan.  I'm sure things will change and you can get back to doing what you enjoy.  We all know you love your kids.