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Title: Why Men Are Attracted to Single Blade Razors
Post by: Keith on November 07, 2015, 05:59:43 PM
Most people can count on one hand the number of men they know who love to shave. Yet, in Western societies there are many circumstances that require a man, albeit begrudgingly, to shave. So the goal is to try to find a shaving technique or device that leaves a guy with a clean shave while at the same time being at least somewhat enjoyable. For many men, the solution has been to switch to a single blade razor (

Over the past few years, razor companies have boasted about their ability to add multiple blades to a single razor. They’re probably up to something like 15 blades now. Doesn’t that mean that the more blades, the better? Well, ask yourself this, over the years has your shaving experience improved or has it deteriorated? If you’re like most men, you have probably experienced nicks, razor bumps, and a less than perfect shave. There is a good reason why, for centuries, men have opted to use a single-blade razor with a pre-shave oil and some aftershave lotion.

Here’s the problem with a multi-blade razor. They cut too much. You no doubt have noticed that razor blade commercials always say that the first blade pulls the hair up and the subsequent blades cut the next few hairs. This is true. However, what they don’t say is that the final few blades actually cut the hair underneath the skin. And, while these devices will leave you with a very close shave, they also drastically increase the chances of the hair that has been cut underneath the skin being trapped under the skin and leading to ingrown hairs. This problem is exponentially more serious for guys who have curly hair. The trapped hair leads to irritated hair follicles, which in turn lead to red and swollen razor bumps.

For some men, the only way to treat razor bumps is to give their face a few days away from shaving to allow the skin to recover. however, while the razor bumps will heal before the next shave, their beard is even larger. This means that their razor may actually tug the hair as opposed to cutting it, which in turn irritates the hair follicles, which in turn leads to more razor bumps.

Single blade razors eliminate this problem because they move across the skin at a gentle angle. They cut facial hair and not pull it. They reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs and improve the shaving experience.
Title: Re: Why Men Are Attracted to Single Blade Razors
Post by: Jessie on March 13, 2016, 11:17:37 AM
Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing Keith! I'm in need of a new razor.. Maybe it's finally time to make the switch to single blade!  ~o)